About IC Imagine Adventure



to the buzzing of winged insects

songs of birds swaying

stems and branches

twinkling sunlight bouncing off leaves

Bask in the sun with lizards

Sit with your feet in a rapid

Listen to the gurgling of water

Feel lighter than air

Climb to the top

Smell the sun-warmed sage

new spruce


pine needles

and the rainshadow approaching from miles away.

-Liz Losch 

In keeping with our culture at ICI, the IC Imagine Adventure Club is dedicated to getting students outside. Each year, grades K-12 will be participating in one of three seasonal disciplines; hiking, skiing/snowboarding and mountain biking. We will explore the trails of Western North Carolina each fall through a variety of different hikes throughout the area.  Winters will find us careening in a generally downhill direction, skiing and snowboarding at Cataloochee Ski Area.  We will finish by combining the rigor of hiking and the thrill of downhill skiing/snowboarding as we saddle our mountain bikes and work on  developing our mountain bike skills, to prepare our champions for the upcoming National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) Race series.  Visit each respective sports page for more information.