About Me

My undergraduate degree, from Appalachian State University is in Elementary Education. I worked as a waitress throughout my college career and was fortunate enough to wait on the Associate Superintendent of  McDowell County Schools, as the start of school was quickly approaching in the early 90’s.  A day later, I started my teaching career in 8th grade Science, Language Arts and NC History. After realizing my heart is with those crazy individuals we call ‘middle school’ students, I obtained the certification to teach middle school.
After about 5 years in the classroom and a Masters degree in Educational Leadership, I began working as the Assistant Director of the Exceptional Children’s Program. Another 5 or so years passed,  Exceptional Children’s Program Director certification acquired and, I realized that in order to be happy I needed to be back in the school building, with those middle school beings. I worked one year as the Director of the LEAP Academy and C-STOP program, then transitioned into the role of Director of Alternative Programs. In 2005 I moved to Asheville and continued my career in the role of a Exceptional Children’s Program Placement Specialist.
All of us, children and adults alike, have different strengths and weaknesses in our learning. I am excited to join the Invest staff as we work together to expand our knowledge related to learning differences, provide actionable strategies to impact the learning experience of our students, and cultivate a growth mindset related to learning differences.