Unit 4: Ratio and Unit Rate part 1

I hope the break found everyone rested, healthy, and thankful.  I’m excited for a wonderful 2017!

We will begin the 2017 school year with Part 1 of our ratio and proportion unit.  We will review what a ratio is and how to represent ratios.  We will look at real world scenarios where ratios are used to solve problems.  This unit also has students working with unit rates and solving problems with unit rate.

I will list our learning targets and some digital resources from Khan Academy to help with understanding:


  • 3.a.  I can use a variety of representations for ratios. (6.RP.1)
  • 3.d I can create a visual representation of ratios using tape diagrams and double number lines.  (6.RP.3)

Students will be expected fluently read and represent ratios from real world context.  They will need to be able to write the ratios in word form, number form, and visual forms (double number lines and tape diagrams)


  • 3.b .I can determine a unit rate.
  • 3.c  I can convert a rate into a unit rate.  (6.RP.2)

Students will be finding rates from different ratios in real world context.  Students will be able to take any given rate and convert it to a unit rate.  Students will calculate unit price.

3.e I can convert between measurement units appropriately by multiplying and dividing. (6.RP.3.d)


Students will multiply and divide based on conversion rates in order to accurately convert between measurement units.


Happy Learning!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have.