Writing and Solving Equations

We are entering Full blown algebra now!  Fear not, you all have the skills and tools to do this!  I have some tutorial videos below to address some of our learning targets.  I also have a link to the entire Khan Academy intro to equations unit.  Good Luck!

Link TO Khan Academy Equations Unit


6.EE.5.3 Use substitution to check the answer or determine if a given number is a solution.

6.EE.7.1 I can Write and solve a single-step equation where variables are used to represent numbers in real-world or mathematical problems (Equation are written in the form of x +p = q or px = q).

This is a crucial concept for all future mathematics applications.  Please take the time to understand it.


6.EE.8.3 I can Write and graph an inequality to represent a constraint or condition in a real-world or mathematical situation.

Inequalities can seem a bit tricky at first, but with a little thought and time, you will get it.


6.EE.9.1 I can Relate tables and graphs to equations.

This target really prepares you for 7th and 8th grade linear equations.



This unit will introduce us to equations and inequalities.  These two tools are the main tools of all future mathematics.  We will be using these throughout the rest of our 6th grade year.