With a new year coming up, we would like to update you about a few changes in our after care program. We have quite a few things we are excited to bring to after care that we think you will be thrilled to hear as well.

First thing, my name is Madeline Lafferty and I am the new program director for the IC Imagine before and after care program. I have worked with IC Imagine and the SCOPES program for two years now.  

Next, our program is changing names! Just like the majestic kingfisher is our new mascot, the new before and after care program is now called ASCEND, After School Care Encouraging New Discoveries. With this shift, we will be bringing in themed days of the week, or “clubs” to our program. These will include things like storytelling workshops, music, drawing, art, sports, and science.

Each day of the week will have an assigned focus of learning and creativity so our champions can explore anything and everything that interests them. Suggestions are always welcome and are encouraged from parents, teachers and champions alike as we dive into our new school year. The projected schedule for August is attached below.

Last, our enrollment form is now live on our website. Just go here to enroll, and proceed to Orgsonline here to pick out days your students will attend for the upcoming year. Please enroll even if you have previously been in the program, as we need any updated contact information you may have.

The heart of the program will remain the same, but more opportunities will be arranged to further grow our ASCEND family and encourage our champions to pursue any interests they have with passion.

We can’t wait to see all the familiar faces from last year as well as meet the new friends that will join us this year.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, email me here at ASCEND@icimagine.org, or call the after school number at (828) 774-8426.