Hello ASCEND Families,
I am notifying you today of some important changes to our ASCEND After School Program taking place September 13th.  Now that we have settled into our new space, it has become apparent that we must implement some guidelines to ensure the continued safety of Champions while maintaining the financial viability of our ASCEND program.  Beginning September 10th, all Champions attending ASCEND must have an RSVP in Orgsonline for the date they will be attending.  All RSVP’s must be submitted by 12pm on the date of care.  Students who are not on the RSVP roster by 12pm on a given day, will not be picked up for care on that day.  The Orgsonline After School System allows you to view and RSVP in advance and will allow you to submit your RSVP’s per your schedule.
Champions attending ASCEND without an RSVP will incur a $15 non-RSVP charge to their family account.  After three instances of champions attending ASCEND without an RSVP, families will no longer be able to use the ASCEND program and will be called to pick their Champions up immediately.
Please note that we will no longer accept phone calls or emails adding Champions to ASCEND rosters.  All Champions must be added to and RSVP’d in the Orgsonline After School Care Module and you must purchase care in order to RSVP to  days in the program.  You will manage your days of care, RSVPs and emergency contacts in this module as well.   Again, these changes will take place beginning September 10th and have been put in place to ensure the safety of all Champions attending our program.  We feel strongly that these changes will create greater organization and a safer environment for all of the Champions who utilize our ASCEND After Care program!
Thank you,

Madeline Lafferty

ASCEND Director