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Orgsonline School Code: 393ICINC

(Previously SCOPES)


Thank you for choosing ASCEND, IC Imagine’s Before & After School Care Program, for IC Imagine families’ extended care needs.  Please review this document for program policies including information on how to enroll your Champion(s) for care and when payment is due.  By selecting “I Agree” you agree to the terms of this User Agreement, rates and policies of the program as well as the rules and policies of IC Imagine Public Charter School.


User Agreement and Program Policies


Wednesday Before School Care

Each Wednesday morning, IC Imagine operates on a late-start schedule with classes beginning at 9:30am.  Wednesday Before School Care allows participating families to drop their Champions off from 7:10am – 8am and provides care through 9am, when Champions are dismissed to class for the day. During this time, students are provided with a light breakfast snack and given an opportunity to finish up their Home Learning Opportunities, participate in organized activities and structured play time. Wednesday Before School Care is only available on scheduled Late-Start Wednesdays and does not operate on any unplanned late start days, such as delayed start for inclement weather.

ASCEND After School Care

ASCEND operates every school day from dismissal until 6pm.  During this time, students are provided with a light snack and given an opportunity to begin their Home Learning Opportunities, as well as structured play time.  ASCEND will also be open on the scheduled early-release days at the end of each month. There will be an additional charge of $10 per Champion for early release days which will be added to the family Orgsonline account.  ASCEND does not operate on any unplanned early-release days, such as weather cancellations.


Current Rates:

Before School Care:

Daily Rate per Champion/ Days Purchased Discounted Rate w/ After School Care
# of children attending 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days per Champion Attending
1 $10 $7.50 $6.67 $6.25 $6.00 $5.00
2 $9.00 $6.75 $6.00 $5.63 $5.40 $3.50
3+ $7.00 $5.17 $4.56 $4.25 $4.07 $2.75


After School Care:

# of children attending Daily Rate per Champion 5-days/week

(discount applies)

Early Release Day Additional Charge per Champion Attending
1 $13.00 $12.00 $10.00
2 $12.13 $11.13 $10.00
3+ $10.83 $10.83 $10.00
Drop-In Rate $15.00 n/a n/a

*Note: A $15 Drop-In Rate Charge will be applied for each Champion who attends Before School and/or After School Care without having available days in their Orgsonline account.


Enrolling for Care- Orgsonline

Before & After School Care days must be purchased in advance via the Orgsonline After School Module; payments will not be accepted in person.  Orgsonline is the online payment system that IC Imagine uses to collect payments for everything from lunch orders to field trips, spirit wear and Before & After School Care.  Families who do not currently have an orgsonline account will need to set up an account using our school code: 393ICINC. Once the family account is established and Champions are added, families can select the After School Module to purchase days.  Upon the first visit to the Orgsonline After School Module, families must accept or decline the User Agreement, see below. Once the User Agreement is accepted, families will use the following procedure to purchase days:

  • Select “Buy More Days”  
  • Select a Student (days must be purchased for each Champion attending)
  • Select Type of day “Before School” or “After School”
    • Days must be purchased under each program type if a Champion will be attending the program.  See below for policies regarding discounted rates for Before School Care with the purchase of After School Care.
  • Order days by entering a number into the Quantity column for the days/package you wish to purchase.
  • Choose one of two options to proceed:
  1. Skip RSVP & Finish: this will show you the days in your cart –these days will be deducted as your Champion has been marked present for a given Care programAn additional one dollar charge will be added.
  2. Select RSVP Days: Families can select the calendar days their Champion(s) will attend & choose “Save Days” to proceed – this will automatically add your champion to the attendance list for the dates selected but will deduct the days from your account in the event that your Champion does not show up to ASCEND without prior notice.
  • Next, select Purchase Additional Days (to add days for another Champion) or View Cart & Checkout
  • Checkout to complete the purchase- Days are not available until payment has been processed.  Families can choose to pay by electronic check (free) or credit card (a convenience fee applies).  Please note that IC Imagine charges a $25 return check fee for all returned payments, this is in addition to the returned payment amount.

Champions attending After School Care receive a discount for Before School Care; these days must be purchased in addition to the After School Days, families must select the “Discount w/ After School Care” option when purchasing these days.

Families with multiple Champions attending Before School or After School Care are also eligible for a rate discount when enrolling more than one Champion in the program.  If a family with multiple Champions chooses to only enroll a single champion, the rate will be adjusted to a single Champion rate and the family’s orgsonline account will reflect the balance due.


Policies & Important Program Information

Drop-In Charge & Non-Payment

Days must be purchased in advance of Champions attending Before School & After School Care.  Families incurring THREE Drop-In Charges will be suspended from the program until the balance is paid in full and additional days are purchased.  Payment must be made via the Orgsonline After School module, payment will not be accepted in person. ASCEND & IC Imagine reserve the right to refuse to accept Champions for Before School Care and will contact families for immediate pick-up at the end of the school day if a Champion remains after school once dismissal has ended.

Attendance is recorded daily and days are deducted from the family account within 24 hours of Champions attending the program.  The After School system will send an automatic email to notify families when days are no longer available; it is the responsibility of each family to ensure that days are available in their Orgsongline After School account if they plan to send their Champion(s) to Before or After School Care.

Champion Misconduct

The ASCEND program reserves the right to suspend a Champion who has incurred three recorded major misconduct incidents (see ICI Family Handbook Code of Conduct) for two weeks. If a misconduct issue persists, ASCEND and the Administration Staff will meet with parents to discuss options as well as possible permanent suspension from the program.


Discounted Rate Policy

Multiple Champions (siblings)

Families with multiple Champions qualify for a discounted rate based on the number of Champions enrolling in the Before School and/or After School Care programs; these rates are made available in the family’s Orgsonline After School account when a family meets the minimum requirement of Champions.  The discounted rates are listed as days per Champion based on the number of Champions enrolling; days must be purchased for each champion. If a family with multiple Champions chooses to only enroll a single champion, they must select the Single Champion rate. Discounted rates may not be purchased or “banked” across all champions with the intent of using the discounted rate for a single Champion enrollment.  In this instance, the family’s account will be adjusted to reflect the single Champion rate.

Before School Care w/ After School Care  

Families who purchase days for the After School Care program qualify for a discounted rate for Before School Care.  This is listed in the Before School type as “daily rate w/ After School Care” based on the number of Champions enrolling.  Families who purchase days at this discounted rate without also purchasing days for After School care will be charged the full Before School Care Rate.

Financial Assistance

Scholarships for ASCEND are granted to those families that qualify for financial assistance. Scholarships are granted after a financial review by the family and the ASCEND director and/or Head of School.  Families receiving Scholarship assistance are still required to purchase days via their Orgsonline account where all applicable discounts are applied.

Early Release Days

ASCEND After School will be open on scheduled early-release days at the end of each month.  There will be a separate charge of ten dollars per Champion for this additional time. This charge will be added to the family Orgsonline After School account prior to the Early Release day.


Late Pick-Up Fee

Once IC Imagine Car Line Closes:

Students who remain at school once IC Imagine’s dismissal line has closed will be given the opportunity to contact their parent for transportation updates before being signed into the ASCEND After School Program, where a Drop-In Charge of $15 will be applied to the family’s Orgsonline After School account.  Champions who are picked up within 5 minutes of the car line closing will receive an adjusted “Late Pick-up” rate of $5.00 on their Orgsonline After School account. Families will be notified of this charge and must use the Orsgonline After School Module to pay their fee balance.

ASCEND After School Late Pick-Up

The After School program ends at 6pm; any champions remaining at that time will incur a $5 late pick-up fee for every 5 minutes past the program end time.  This fee will be added to the family’s Orgsonline After School account and families must log into their Orgsonline After School module to pay their fee balance.


Please direct all questions regarding payment and orgsonline to


Please complete the enrollment form here, then proceed to the orgsonline module to begin choosing preferred days of care and payment.