ICI Athletics


At  IC Imagine, we always try to start by asking “Why?”  Why athletics? First, sports are fun. We must always remember that it is fun that draws children to sports and the lack of fun is the reason they quit.  Having fun and playing sports reduces stress, improves brain function, and allows kids to develop meaningful friendships.

Fitness is vital to a healthy, long life.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends 60 minutes of physical activity per day for school aged children and 150 minutes of aerobic activity for adults each week.  Failing to stay active throughout a lifetime can lead to many health risks.

Leadership, responsibility, hard work and perseverance are a few of the character traits that are developed while participating in sports.  Competition allows people to face challenges, success, and failure in a safe environment.  

Current Athletics

Currently, our athletics department is aimed at providing a growing range of opportunities for boys and girls in middle and upper school.  It is our goal to expand all of the sports that were offered in middle school to our upper school students.  The sports we offer at this time include soccer, cross country, basketball, cheerleading, mountain biking, and ultimate frisbee.

Vision for the Future

As our school grows we will have more opportunities for athletics at IC Imagine.  Our plan moving forward is to add teams each year at a sustainable rate, ensuring that our existing programs are developing and given the time and resources they need to grow.  Each new team that we add presents its own set of unique challenges while we build our school (both literally and figuratively).  In the end, our goal is to have a full range of athletics offerings comparable to the other schools in our area in addition to unique offerings such as mountain biking and ultimate frisbee.

Basketball Opportunity: ABYBL

Hello IMAGINation,

CSP Basketball is the Charter / Small-Private (CSP) school district of the Asheville Buncombe Youth Basketball League (ABYBL). CSP is open to all players attending charter or private schools that are not represented already in the ABYBL, including the following schools: Evergreen, Francine Delaney, Artspace, Rainbow Mountain, Odyssey, Azalea Waldorf School, The Learning Community, Franklin School of Innovation, Invest Collegiate Imagine (ICI), New Classical Academy and more. The plan is for there to be 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 grade teams. There will be boys teams and girls teams if there is enough interest.  If you are interested, please follow this link to find more information and for the link to the interest form.

THIS IS NOT OUR MIDDLE SCHOOL TEAM.  We will hold tryouts for our school team at the end of the October/beginning of November.

Notes From the AD

From the AD
I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who was involved with Winter Sports.  Our basketball teams both finished with the best record in their league and the cheerleaders brought amazing energy and spirit to the games.  Personally, it was a joy to work with the girls basketball team and watch the boys and cheerleaders.
Girls soccer is off to a great start.  After only two games, the team has shown great improvements and, more importantly, are having lots of fun.  For a game schedule, please visit the Girls Soccer page.
Lastly, in the interest of intentionally building a positive climate around Highlander Athletics, I would like to pass along some wisdom I found very useful.  As parents, we are constantly setting a tone and an example for our children.  Whether or not our children develop a love for sports may hinge on the way we interact with them after a game.  Dr. Greg Dale, the Director of Sports Psychology and Leadership Programs at Duke University, has some specific advice for how speak to your children after a game.  During a lecture I was fortunate enough to attend, he said thatthe only thing he says to his children after a game is “I really loved watching you play.”  This statement keeps the focus on having fun and lets your child know that their performance on the athletic field doesn’t affect your relationship with them.  If you would like to learn more about Dr. Dale’s advice for parents, you can find his book The Fulfilling Ride: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Athletes Have a Successful Sports Experience on Amazon.  
Go Highlanders!

Introducing: Team App


Want to keep up with athletics at ICI?  Download the Team App!  This app keeps track of our team schedules, news, and other events.  If you have a champion playing a sport for ICI, join the team group to get direct messages from your coach and the AD.  As we add more features we will keep you updated.

To download the app, just search for “Team App” in your app store.  It is free to download.  If you are not a smartphone user, you can go to www.teamapp.com to join.  After you create an account, search for ICImagine to add our app.

If you have questions, email Coach Higgins at KyleHiggins@icimagine.org.

Interested in Helping ICI Athletics?

Coach Higgins is looking to start a Booster Club to raise funds for ICI athletics.  This club would plan athletics fundraisers so that we can purchase jerseys and equipment, rent space until we have our own facilities, and many other things.

Whether you would be interested in taking on a leadership role or just want to help out, please email Coach Higgins at KyleHiggins@ICImagine.org