Order a Recorder!

All third, fourth, and fifth grade students at IC Imagine will be playing recorders in their general music classes this year.  I will be making a bulk order of high quality instruments for anyone that would like to purchase one for their Champion.  If you are interested in purchasing a recorder for your student, please go to orgsonline and look under the “Special Orders” tab to place your order.  Each recorder is $6.50, which includes a zippered case, neck strap, and the instrument.  You may pay for the recorders online from now through Tuesday, January 23, then the order will be placed.

Champions are not required to purchase a recorder, but it is heavily encouraged.  If your student has their own recorder, they will be able to take it home to practice, as well as use it in class.  If they do not have their own, they will use a classroom recorder and will not be able to take it home with them.  If your student already has their own recorder from last year they are certainly welcome to use that again this year.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.  I am eager to begin this exciting musical unit with your Champions!