Welcome to 7th Grade English Language Arts! We will be reading, writing, speaking, listening, learning, playing (and hopefully laughing a little) together this year. I’ve gotten to know many of you last year–since ICI is truly like a family–and I look forward to getting to know all my new students.

We will start the year with some fun activities to get to know each other, some practice of classroom procedures, and then we will have our first assignment: a creative writing project. I can’t wait to read the stories!

I realize that Language Arts is a class (like any subject) that some love and others loathe. Some of my students read voraciously, some write for fun, some like to read for information only, some find reading frustrating, some find writing to be tedious work. And while I firmly believe that it is essential for all people to be able to read critically and write clearly, I acknowledge all of my students–wherever they are–and will walk beside all of them as they explore new levels of reading and new ways of expressing their thoughts to the world. I am honored to do so.