8th Grade Science – History of Earth Project

Greetings! We are now entering our second project of the year. In this unit, we will be studying fossils and geologic formations. Here is a link to the assignment.

This project is due October 11. Just like the last project, students will be working at their own pace primarily during class time. They have been given paper copies of the presentation posted here that includes all that they need to know to complete the project. The digital presentation also includes links to the other paper copies that they have been given as resources.

I hope you are having as much fun doing these projects as I have making them!

Warm regards,

Mr. Marsden


6th Grade Plants Unit

As some of you may have noticed, I detached the Plants unit from the Ecosystems unit and thus the notes from plants is no longer available at that link. Here is the new link to the Plants unit. I am also including a link to the test review as well. The Plants test will be this Friday. Happy studying!

Here is the Plants notes unit:


Here is the test review:




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