8th Grade Science Ecosystems Unit

As you should already know, we have started our Ecosystems Unit. Here is a link to the project and all the notes and information needed in order for your champion to be successful. Notice that there are also embedded links in the notes deck that will take you or your champion to videos that go into further detail on each linked subject.

Please notice that this project does require a parent initial if your champion would like to be considered for the AP grade.

As always, feel free to email me with concerns questions or ways in which you would like to help!


History of Earth Vocab. retest tools.

If your champion did not receive the grade they wished on the History of Earth vocabulary test, you may access a document with a self-test and answer key at this link. Remember, your champion can re-take this test as many times as it takes for them to achieve at the level in which they are capable.


6th Grade Plate Tectonics Test is FRIDAY!!

You can be proud of your champions in all the hard work they have been doing on this unit. We have spent the last two days reviewing and I believe that we are ready to knock this test  out of the park!!

Here is a link to the test review that your champions should have with them. Theirs should be filled in with correct answers, but if for some reason this did not happen, this is the KEY!

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