Virtual Learning

Hey Everyone! I am making a new tab on my website that will share information for you about my “office hours” and where to find the information that you need! I will update it as needed.

Week One Down!

Your champions did a wonderful job this week. I am so proud of them for learning routines, making new friends and doing their best each day! This year is going to be awesome! Thank you so much for all of your support, kindness and classroom supplies/gifts so far. I appreciate all of you.

During week two your champion will start sending home an orange folder. This will be our daily communication! I will send home any important information and student work. You will find the HLO (home learning opportunities) which will include a daily behavior rating, homework and important dates. Please reference this weekly! The orange folder should come back to school each day.

Here are a few things to check off of your list!

  • provide your champion with a water bottle for school daily
  • label all of your champion’s personal items (water bottles, lunch boxes, sweaters, jackets)
  • send in a ziplock bag labeled with your champion’s name that contains a full set of spare clothes (undies, socks, shorts or pants, top)


Welcome to Kindergarten

Welcome to Ms.Hanna’s Kindergarten Class! I am so excited for a new year to start and to get to know each and every one of you!

This website will be a great resource throughout the year for you to check in on our snack calendar, upcoming events and important information. You will also find all of this information in our weekly newsletters and on our HLO (home learning opportunities).

Join us for Popsicles in the Park on August 1st from 1:00-3:00 at Sand Hill Sports Park

Open House is August 4th from 3:30-4:30.

Before Open House please fill out the online Champion Information form.

Visit my classroom Amazon Wish List. I suggest sorting the list by priority (high to low). The list contains some necessary items for our classroom as well as some medium and low priority items. This wish list is linked on my website and is updated year round! Thank you in advance for your support. 


First Week of School

Monday August 12  – Assigned Champions attend school today from 7:30-11:00.

Tuesday August 13 – Assigned Champions attend school today from 7:30-11:00.

Wednesday August 14 – ALL champions attend school today from 7:30-11:00.

Thursday August 15 – ALL champions attend full days of school from here on (7:30-2:40)


Benchmark Assessments/Report Cards

Benchmark assessments are completed and the champions did a wonderful job showcasing their skills! You got a summary of these assessments and a report card home today. If you feel concerned or have questions let me know!

Sight words are ongoing and champions need to be able to read them quickly without sounding them out. If you are not consistently getting sight words home in the baggy book, please let me know and I will send you a list to keep at home!

Most champions are reading independently at this point. Let me try to solve words on their own and help as a guide! They have learned many strategies to help them!

-use picture clues

-check beginning and ending sounds

-sound out words and blend them together

-switch the vowel sound

-keep trying!

Benchmark Assessments Are Coming Up Soon

Hello Everyone! Just to keep you in the loop – benchmark assessments are coming up soon.

This is a great time to reinforce skills at home!

-letters and sounds

-rhyming words

-recognizing the beginning sound in a word

-breaking a word up into all of it’s sounds

-sight words

-retelling stories


Hello Everyone!

I can’t believe Winter Break is almost over! I hope you have all had some relaxing time with your families.

Please check out the Snack Calendar for January.

Here are some important dates coming up!

January 2 – First Day Back

January 8 – Make Up Picture Day (please let me know if your champion will be participating)

January 21 – No School

January 25 – Early Release

Winter Break

Hello Families! Winter Break is almost here! In your folders tomorrow you will receive three things – a winter reading challenge, a teen number packet and your progress report. Here are my suggestions for winter break!

-READ READ READ. Reading everyday drastically effects your child’s vocabulary and academic reading performance.

-Teen numbers. Work on composing, decomposing, writing and you can even make equations! (10+5=15)

-If you champion does not know all of their letters and sounds (refer to the recording sheet that was sent home with report cards) please please please work on this! They should have them mastered by December! Short 5-10 minute sessions daily will show more improvement than working a long time every now and then!

Report Cards

Report Cards go home today! Sorry they are so long – the reports were not working right for me. Please sign the envelope and send it back tomorrow.

Please continue practicing letters and sounds every night! Your updated needs for letters and sounds are in the report card folder.

October has come and gone. We have one month until Winter Break. Keep reading!

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be going home Monday for Kindergarten. Please return your brown envelope signed on Tuesday.

We are very excited for our field trip to Cherokee in October. It is such a fun field trip! Please make sure to pay online and turn in your permission slip.

The early release this coming Friday (9/28) has been changed to a full school day!