17-18 Amazing Champions

I am so thankful to be starting out a new 2nd grade school year with an awesome group of students!  This 2nd week back, we have been concentrating on a once in a life-time event: the Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017!  We have been discussing the path of totality, how solar eclipses occur, and the differences between a partial and total solar eclipse!  I am super excited to go on this journey with these students!

2nd grade Champions

I am so excited to begin a new year with these AMAZING students!  In just two days, I have learned so much about their personalities, and I know that we are going to be successful this year in learning, friendships, and growth.  I wanted to share a picture of us on our second day of school, and can’t wait to watch these students blossom throughout the year!  Thank you so much for these beautiful children!

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Change for Change

Last week students worked hard to collect money for Beloved House.  In our economic unit in social studies, we learned about wants and needs.  We discussed how there are people in our own community in Asheville who are not having their needs met.  As a group, we decided to give up some of our “wants” (like ice cream, or a new video game) and donate that money to families who needed food, blankets, and other necessities.  I am so proud of our champions, in one week we were able to raise $130!  We discussed how we helped families meet their needs, and in the future as they grow into adults, to keep the same compassion and understanding.  To always make sure they have fulfilled their own needs, and then help others meet their needs.  Congratulations second grade champions!ChangeforChange-16ijcgm-254x300

Reader’s Theater

Last week, students performed their plays in small groups!  I have to say they did an amazing job!  We worked on reading with expression and enthusiasm, reading at just the right rate, using the right volume level, and most importantly having fun!  My students truly brought these plays to life, and they did a fantastic job performing in front of their peers!  In fact, they did such an amazing job that this week, students are writing their OWN plays and will be performing them this week!

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2nd Graders Growing!

In science, we learned about plant life cycles, and the different stages plants go through: seeds, sprouts, seedlings, and then adult plants.  To get a better look at the different stages, we started with the seed stage, and watched the transformation of these plants into the sprout stage, and now we are moving into seedlings with our bean plants!  It has been an exciting week in science!

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Working Our Minds!

One fascinating trend that is happening in my classroom…..rubik’s cubes (and triangles)! I love how my 2nd graders are interested in this classic brain game! On one day, I had almost half of my class bring in these cubes to practice!

2016-05-10 (5)

Wax Museum

Our 1st annual wax museum was a HUGE success for 2nd grade!  Students were dedicated to their role, and worked extremely hard to research their person.  Students definitely stayed in character as parents walked around, learning about important figures throughout history!005 006 008 009 012 015 019 020 024 030 032 036 041 044 046 048 050 052 055 058 060 062 063 199 200