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Week of 6/18

Only a week and a half left! Time has flown by this year!

Overview of the week:
Due to testing, this week will look different than the rest!
ELA – We wrapped up ELA comprehension strategies, finished up reading rotations, and will spend our ELA time doing various end of the year activities!
MATH – We will continue to practice using CUBES to solve addition and subtraction problems with regrouping.
SOCIAL STUDIES – Review/catch up
WRITING – End of the year writing activities and free write.

We have 2 field trips this week!  Attached are the itineraries for Oconaluftee and Foxfire.  Please pack a disposable bagged lunch for both.
We will return to school in time for normal pick up times.

On Thursday, due to testing on our hall, we will be spending the morning in the other 2nd grade classrooms.  Please have your champion come to Ms. Lombardo’s room (with all their things!) at arrival instead.

**We are still in need of volunteers for Field Day!  If you are able, please sign up here!
Field Day for us is first thing in the morning and has water stations.  If you are not planning to sign out your champion early that day, please consider sending in a towel and/or a change of clothes (still have to be in uniform) for them to finish the remainder of the day!

This is our final newsletter for the year!
6-18-18 Second Grade Newsletter FINAL-1hdxine


Week of 6/11

What we’re learning this week:
MATH – We finish up graphing with a post-assessment on Monday, and begin learning  CUBES math word problem strategies (see link). Doc Jun 08, 2018, 14_44-1u5053i
ELA – Continuing to learn reading comprehension strategies such as “jail the detail”, “be slick and predict”, etc. (see link).  As you’re reading with your champion have meaningful conversations about comprehension and how they can use these strategies to help them. Doc Jun 08, 2018, 14_47-2ccim6e
SOCIAL STUDIES – Continuing our study of westward expansion in preparation for our 2 field trips.
WRITING – Finishing our editing touches on our informative Animal Research books.

**We will be completing our iReady math diagnostic on Thursday at 9:30.  Please try to have your champion to school on time, with a good breakfast, and a good night’s sleep!

This Wednesday is our last spelling test.  We will still learn and be practicing some new words during the school day(s), but will not be testing on them due to field trips.

Yearbooks are here! If you pre-ordered one they will be delivered on Monday.  If you did not there is a limited amount available for purchase from Mrs. Rogers on Wednesday.  They are $25 a piece and are first come first serve.

Field Day is June 26th and ICI needs you! Please consider volunteering for our field day and/or donating needed supplies to make our day a success.  We hope to see you there!
Field Day Supplies Request
Field Day Volunteer Sign Up

If you would like to order a special field day t-shirt please see the link below!
field day t-shirt flyer (1)-2egb4wb

Field Trip Info:
Due to Carolina, still not taking a bottle everyday and relying on my 11 o’clock feed, I will not be attending the upcoming field trips.  Mr. Hunsicker will be attending in my place, so our champions are in great hands!  I will be at school proctoring/administrating EOGs instead.  Thanks for being so flexible as I work through and figure out being a mom!

Champions can wear spirit wear on Wednesday!

Have a great weekend!

Newsletter: 6.11-6.15 ICI Bulletin-25o7z9n
Sign Up for Chaperones:

Week of 6/4

Finally a nice weekend! I hope everyone was able to enjoy it!

This week:
ELA – We wrapped up poetry by publishing some of our pieces.  Monday we will begin discussing different reading comprehension strategies.  This will continue the remainder of the year.
Math – We will continue learning about tables and graphs, including bar graphs and line plots.
Social Studies – Continuing our study of Westward Expansion with discussion of Louis and Clark, Sacagawea, and the Louisiana Purchase.
Writing – Finishing up our animal informative writing.  We will be using our drafts to write our final product!

**We will be completing our iReady reading diagnostic on Thursday at 9:30.  Please try to have your champion to school on time, with a good breakfast, and good night’s sleep!

In-Class volunteer Sign Up

Field Trip Sign up

6-4-18 Second Grade Newsletter-2lk7ytu

Week of 5/28

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day, even with all the rain!

This week:
Math – We are wrapping up geometry.  We will test on Wednesday or Thursday!  Students will need to know basic 2D shapes: square, hexagon, pentagon, etc. and be able to identify how many sides and vertices it has.  They will also need to be able to identify how many faces, edges, and vertices basic 3D shapes have as well.
ELA – Finishing Poetry by studying Cinquain and Shape poems and reviewing Haiku, alliteration, diamante poems, and rhyming patterns.  Students will be turning in published pieces of poetry, so be talking about which they would like to choose!
Writing – Continuing our nonfiction, informative animal book.
Science – We will finish insects at the beginning of this week, anchor chart attached below, and test on either Wednesday or Thursday (look for their interactive notebooks to come home) and will begin westward expansion at the end of the week in preparation for our field trips in June.

Our last two field trips will be June 19th and 20th.  If you would like to chaperone please use the link below to sign up (please still sign up even if you have already emailed me!)  Because of the size of the locations we are having to split up.  Mine and Mrs. Laufer’s class will travel to Cherokee on the 19th and then to Foxfire in Mountain City, GA on the 20th.
Chaperones must drive themselves!  Approximate cost is $20/Cherokee and $8/Foxfire.
Chaperone Sign Up


Week of 5/21

My first week back is done, and although it was so hard, I am loving being with my champions again!  As all of us are transitioning back to the new normal, let me know of any concerns!

This week:
ELA – we began poetry and will continue studying different types as we practice writing our own.  So far we have learned what alliteration is and how to identify and label ending rhyming patterns (i.e. AABB).
Math – we wrapped up our unit on time and will begin geometry on Monday!
Science – after finishing plant life cycles we continued the trend, starting animal and insect life cycles on Monday.  We will wrap that up this week!
Writing – we started our nonfiction animal writing project.  We will be researching and creating a book on the animal of your champions choice!

Please see email for important field trip info!  And let me know if you are planning to chaperone one or both field trips!

Remember we have an early dismissal on Friday! And no school that following Monday for Memorial Day!  Please see Mrs. Strong’s email below concerning pick up:
Don’t forget about the early release dismissal times!!! We open our lines at exactly 11:00 (K only/blue), 11:15 (K-5/purple) and 11:30 (k-8/ yellow) according to “Verizon time” and allow those that approach the turn off of Ridgefield Boulevard to make a right hand turn to enter the line at those times.  We then allow the traffic to flow naturally. If you drive by and try to enter before your line opens, we simply wave you by. When you get in line on the street, you are allowed to enter by turning left as traffic flow allows.  If our line is full, we wave you by our entry due to the fact that it is not safe to allow a car line back up to the KMart exit/entrance. We do not manage any line that forms on Ridgefield Boulevard….

Have a wonderful week!
5-21-18 Second Grade Newsletter-11asm49

Weekly update for 1/22

This week we are playing catch up from all the snow days!
We will take our spelling test on short o, long oa, and long o_e tomorrow, science assessment on simple machines on Thursday (look for the interactive journals to come home tonight!), and our ELA test on making connections (text to self, text to text, and text to world) Friday.
We started a new unit in math today (briefly) with a whole group lesson on measurement.  Tomorrow we will talk about rules and laws, government and community for social studies.  We are working on our opinion writing; a piece that will go into their writing portfolios.

Progress reports will be coming home on Friday.  Their unit 2 math test grade is on there as well as the simple machine quiz, but both the simple machine assessment nor the ELA test will be taken into account on the progress report.

In the event that I leave for maternity leave prior to Feb. 2nd.  Mrs. Baumann will take my place until a certified interim teacher is found.  She is currently a first grade assistant and already knows most of these kiddos!

We will be wrapping up our simple machines unit with a fun hands on FOOD activity!! It is the highlight of second grade for many of these kids.  If you are able, check out the sign up genius!

Scholastic order forms came home today, please use the online code, QNJ76, to order.  All orders need to be placed by 2/28.  scholastic parent letter-19n8yuk


Tuesday 1/16 Update

This week we will be having a wtw spelling test on long o (oa, o_e), Math addition and subtraction (without regrouping) assessment on Thursday, and a science simple machine assessment on Friday!  Please study the simple machine booklet that came home on Friday!

In ELA we are working on text-to-self, text-to-text, and text-to-world connections!  So read books and think about encourage your champion to make those as they are reading!  In Math we are wrapping up addition and subtraction without regrouping and beginning measurement!  In science we are finishing up simple machines and will begin social studies!  And in writing we are working on our opinion pieces!

Progress reports come home on Friday!

We are currently in the process of completing our iReady ELA and math assessments be on the lookout for more information regarding that when we have completed it.

Please check that you have fully paid for all the upcoming field trips!

Tuesday 1/2

Welcome back!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Winter Break!  I am so excited to be getting started back in the new year!  A few quick updates for everyone:

We will now be completing iReady math for homework instead of a worksheet.

At a minimum we would like our students to complete 25 minutes of math iReady a week at home.  The goal is for students to complete 45 minutes of math each week, but this will be accomplished at both home and at school.  We will continue to do reading response journals for homework as well.

A parent consent form was sent home in your champion’s yellow folder.  Please see the email (also attached below) detailing exactly what it is.
parent consent info-ukt9fr
Electronic Form:
Parent Consent Form-1gen9s9

What are we learning this week?
As we get back into the swing of things in ELA we will begin studying Text Connections.  Focusing on text to self specifically.  In MATH we will spend this week reviewing what we learned prior to break.  In SCIENCE we are beginning our unit on simple machines, studying what they are and how they work.  And in WRITING we are wrapping up personal narratives and beginning opinion writing.

We also took the time to revamp our spelling.  Starting this week words will be coming home on Wednesdays.  Our spelling week will run Wednesday to Wednesday with new words/a test each week.  We are using words their way beginning in long vowel patterns as well as incorporating phonics into our Wednesday studies.  Throughout the week students will be doing differentiated activities using those words.

Important dates to remember:
Late start tomorrow 1/3
Parent consent due 1/5
No school 1/15
Early release 1/26

Reading Homework:


Monday Updates

Week of 11/13

Important Reminders: Please sign and return the pink power school forms in the yellow folders ASAP.  There is no school Friday – Teacher Workday.  Tuesday, 11/21 is our last day before winter break.  We had cleanest classroom again last week so we can wear spirit wear on Wednesday.  And we will not have P.E. this week; it will be on Monday, 11/20.  Please have your champion mark out and skip problem number 3 on the homework – we have not covered regrouping yet.  Reading Under the Stars is tomorrow 11/14 from 6-7:30.

In ELA we continue our study of Fairy Tales by discussing their humorous counterparts – Fractured Fairy Tales!  There will be a quiz on Thursday.  (See attached anchor chart)  Students will need to be able to read a traditional fairy tale and it’s fractured equivalent and discuss what makes one the traditional and what makes the other the fractured.

We wrapped up science and are doing a quick unit on money for social studies!  We will have a quiz on that on Monday, 11/20.  Their interactive notebooks will come on Thursday to study. (see attached anchor chart).

In math we began subtraction (without regrouping) and are practicing solving our problems using counting back, decomposing, and vertical algorithm strategies.

In writing we are finishing our final copy of our small moment story.

As always if you have any questions please email!

Math HW:

Reading HW : 

Word List: 

Scholastic order info: scholastic parent letter-19j9t3v

Monday Updates….on a Tuesday

Week of 11/6 – I apologize these are coming out a day late!

Reminders: No school Friday! Angel Tree gifts are due 11/13 (we still have a few stars left on the tree as well!)  Turkey project due 11/13.  P.E. is on Thursday this week.

This week in ELA we are continuing our study of Fairy Tales.  The unit will wrap up on Thursday with our unit assessment.  Champions will need to be able to read a fairy tale and then answer comprehension questions about it pertaining to standard R.L. 2.2 – I can retell a fairy tale. I can determine the lesson or moral from a fairy tale.  To study have students read a fairy tale and summarize for you!

In Math we are continuing to practice addition without regrouping.  We have been focusing on the counting on, decomposing, and vertical algorithm strategies.  We will begin subtraction this week!

In Science we are studying tools used to study weather!  We will wrap up that unit this week as well and will have our unit assessment on Thursday.  Champions will need to be able to identify the name of the weather instrument and describe how they are used.  Science journals will come home today to help with studying!

In Writing we are finishing up our small moments story by copying our “sloppy copy” onto our final draft paper.  This story will be graded on a rubric and a copy kept in their writing portfolio.

The final scholastic flyer will be coming home today – the holiday edition!  If you are interested in ordering books for Christmas gifts please let me know and I will make sure to keep it a secret!  The order will be submitted on 11/21 and I will be at school 12/4-13 for you to pick them up!

As always if you have any questions please email me!

Digital math hw: 

Reading hw: 

Word List: 

Scholastic how to order letter: scholastic parent letter-19j9t3v

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