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This past week and the week before in math we have been reviewing arrays as an introduction to multiplication. To help solidify arrays, we spent the class creating “array”-nbows. Check out the colorful arrays your champion created!

1st Annual 2nd Grade Wax Museum


All of our second graders did an AMAZING job today at our Wax Museum.  I was so proud of how in character they stayed, and how well they performed their speeches.

Check out the picture of your champion and the others below!

Wax Museum 3/24/16 @ 10AM

Reminder the 1st Annual 2nd Grade Wax Museum will be tomorrow starting at 10am!  

Please remember to send your champion with their speech notecard and their costume!

We are so excited to see everything they have prepared!


Hello 2nd Grade families! Welcome to my new website!  Check back for updates and pictures of our champions!  Have a great spring break!

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