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Week of 9/25

A letter came home today about lice in our classroom.  A couple students were confirmed.  The whole class was checked as well, although I do recommend washing jackets (and backpacks if possible) in hot water as well as double checking your champion again.  All pillows and rugs in the classroom will be bagged for the rest of this week to smother any possible lice and the room will be sprayed down this evening!  If you have any additional questions feel free to contact me!
Tomorrow is PE for us, please send your champion in with appropriate shoes.
Remember this Friday is a 1/2 day to kick off fall break!
We will have our unit test on states of matter on Thursday.  Social Studies/Science journals will come home tomorrow to help with studying!  And our ELA unit test on fables will be on Friday.  To aid in studying for the ELA test it is recommended that you read fables and discuss what makes it a fable, what its setting is, and what the moral is.
Homework was not properly copied on the back of the HLO this week, but will be sent home tomorrow!  So the only homework for tonight is reading response.
As always feel free to email any time with questions or concerns!

Week of 9/18

Tomorrow is PE day for us, please have your champion wear appropriate shoes.

Attached is the field trip letter that went home last week.  If you haven’t read it yet, please do so.

I will email at least a day in advance to remind you of our parent teacher conference, if you need to reschedule or if you will be running late please email me and let me know!

Newsletter will now be sent from me each week.  My hope is to have it sent out by Friday, but it could be coming at you on Sundays if I am running behind.  This week it got sent out today due to technical issues!  It’s attached below as well!

Math and reading response has been updated on the appropriate tabs if your champion loses theirs please feel free to print another copy!

Wednesday we will have an ELA test on Elements of Fiction.  It will cover setting, character traits, types of conflict (character vs self, nature, society, & characters), story sequence, and theme.  You can review for these by discussing these elements with your champion each evening following their read aloud.

Friday we will have a math test.  It will cover comparing numbers (2.NBT.4), skip counting (2.NBT.2), writing numbers using base ten blocks & expanded form (2.NBT.3), and place value (2.NBT.1).  Take time to review these concepts with your champion over the week.

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Newsletter 9-18-17-282yt0y

Parent Teacher Conferences

If you have not already done so, please sign up for a slot for a parent teacher conference in the upcoming weeks!  If none of the available times work for you, please let me know!!  I am very flexible!

We will be discussing iReady scores, progress reports, and year long expectations.  If you have any other concerns please email me prior to the meeting so I can be prepared with any examples of work, etc that will be helpful!

Friday Updates

On Fridays starting this coming week if students work all week long during their independent stations they will be allowed to bring in 1 stuffed animal to buddy read with during our read to self rotation for our guided reading block.  The animal has to be able to fit in their backpacks!  If for some reason they are not completing their independent work then they will use the animal buddy read time as catch-up instead.

Progress Reports and Parent Teacher Conferences

Coming home Friday will be your champion’s first progress report!  Because we have just begun this year your champion’s grade reflect iReady scores, benchmarks, math grouping, and their first social studies test.  We can discuss any questions you have about progress reports at our first parent teacher conference!
Parent teacher conferences will begin in September and run through October.  If none of the time slots work for you please let me know as I can be flexible!  Please use the sign up genius below to sign up for a slot.

Updates for August 24th

Starting next week, each Monday I will update my website with a link to the math homework sheet and the reading response sheet.  If your champion loses either one please print off the math/reading response from online.

Reminder! Tomorrow, Friday the 25th, is an early release day!!
Lower School (PURPLE TAGS) and K-5 (GREEN TAGS) dismissal begins at 11:15, YELLOW TAGS and all other GREEN TAGS begin at 11:35!

Scholastic orders are due August 31st please have those submitted online by that time.

PE will be on August 31st next week.  Please make sure your champion wears appropriate shoes!


First Day Completed – Check!

What a wonderful start to our first day of school!  I am so excited for the group I have this year and can’t wait until we really get into the swing of things!  I have attached a link to our daily schedule if you would like to download it (here’s the late start schedule as well)!  It’s also located on my home page under a daily schedule tab!

Reminder: We will NOT have PE this week.  Our first PE class will be Tuesday, August 15th please plan to send your champion wearing close toed shoes!


Welcome Back!

Hi!  I am so excited to begin a new year with you!  Open house will be Monday from 8am-9am please stop by so that I can meet you and your champion!  I hope to see everyone there!

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