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Monday Updates

Week of 11/13

Important Reminders: Please sign and return the pink power school forms in the yellow folders ASAP.  There is no school Friday – Teacher Workday.  Tuesday, 11/21 is our last day before winter break.  We had cleanest classroom again last week so we can wear spirit wear on Wednesday.  And we will not have P.E. this week; it will be on Monday, 11/20.  Please have your champion mark out and skip problem number 3 on the homework – we have not covered regrouping yet.  Reading Under the Stars is tomorrow 11/14 from 6-7:30.

In ELA we continue our study of Fairy Tales by discussing their humorous counterparts – Fractured Fairy Tales!  There will be a quiz on Thursday.  (See attached anchor chart)  Students will need to be able to read a traditional fairy tale and it’s fractured equivalent and discuss what makes one the traditional and what makes the other the fractured.

We wrapped up science and are doing a quick unit on money for social studies!  We will have a quiz on that on Monday, 11/20.  Their interactive notebooks will come on Thursday to study. (see attached anchor chart).

In math we began subtraction (without regrouping) and are practicing solving our problems using counting back, decomposing, and vertical algorithm strategies.

In writing we are finishing our final copy of our small moment story.

As always if you have any questions please email!

Math HW:

Reading HW : 

Word List: 

Scholastic order info: scholastic parent letter-19j9t3v

Monday Updates….on a Tuesday

Week of 11/6 – I apologize these are coming out a day late!

Reminders: No school Friday! Angel Tree gifts are due 11/13 (we still have a few stars left on the tree as well!)  Turkey project due 11/13.  P.E. is on Thursday this week.

This week in ELA we are continuing our study of Fairy Tales.  The unit will wrap up on Thursday with our unit assessment.  Champions will need to be able to read a fairy tale and then answer comprehension questions about it pertaining to standard R.L. 2.2 – I can retell a fairy tale. I can determine the lesson or moral from a fairy tale.  To study have students read a fairy tale and summarize for you!

In Math we are continuing to practice addition without regrouping.  We have been focusing on the counting on, decomposing, and vertical algorithm strategies.  We will begin subtraction this week!

In Science we are studying tools used to study weather!  We will wrap up that unit this week as well and will have our unit assessment on Thursday.  Champions will need to be able to identify the name of the weather instrument and describe how they are used.  Science journals will come home today to help with studying!

In Writing we are finishing up our small moments story by copying our “sloppy copy” onto our final draft paper.  This story will be graded on a rubric and a copy kept in their writing portfolio.

The final scholastic flyer will be coming home today – the holiday edition!  If you are interested in ordering books for Christmas gifts please let me know and I will make sure to keep it a secret!  The order will be submitted on 11/21 and I will be at school 12/4-13 for you to pick them up!

As always if you have any questions please email me!

Digital math hw: 

Reading hw: 

Word List: 

Scholastic how to order letter: scholastic parent letter-19j9t3v

Children’s Museum Pictures

We had an absolutely wonderful time at the Children’s Museum.  Here are some of the pictures I have so far; I’ll upload more as they come in!

Monday Updates

Week of 10/30

Our 4th Annual Fall Festival was a huge success!  Thank you to everyone who came out and supported ICI this year!

Tomorrow is our first field trip!  We will leave promptly at 8am.  Because of our schedule at the museum we cannot wait for champions who are late, and it will be up to you to get them to the museum at that point.  We will return to school by 2:30 so dismissal will be the same.  If you are attending the field trip and wish to drive your champion back please make sure you sign out with me prior to leaving!  Please make sure to pack a paper bag lunch!

We had the cleanest room this week so we get to celebrate by wearing spirit wear on Wednesday!! 

I felt that we had not had adequate time to prepare for the science quiz so we did not have it Friday and instead have rescheduled it for Wednesday.  Science journals will come home today so please use those to study with tonight and tomorrow.

In Math we continue our study of 2 digit and 2 digit addition using specifically the counting on, decomposing, and vertical algorithm strategies.  In ELA we are beginning a new unit on fairy tales! In Science we are wrapping up our study of rotation and revolution as well as the water cycle, and in Writing we are continuing to work on small moment stories specifically revising.

Monday Updates

Week of 10/23

We had a fantastic time at math night last week and to celebrate the success and the turnout EVERYONE K-5 can wear their spirit wear on Wednesday this week!!

Friday is a 1/2 day and our 4th Annual Fall Festival!  A flyer came home Friday about it, but if you missed it check it out here.  If you are able please consider donating a cake for the Cake Walk booth!  Please click here for more information and to sign up!

Tuesday is the end of our first quarter and report cards come home next Monday.  If you have not signed and returned the yellow envelope from progress reports please do so.

Next Tuesday is our first field trip!  If you haven’t done so please pay for at least the first installment ASAP!  Spirit wear is appropriate for field trips!

In ELA we are continuing our study of nonfiction text features, but focusing on the application of them.  We will be reading nonfiction texts and exploring how these features help with our understanding.  We will have our final test on text features Friday.  In math we will begin applying the addition strategies we have learned with multiple digit addition.  In writing we are continuing to edit our small moment stories, and in science we will continue our study of the earth’s rotation leading into the water cycle.  On Friday we will have a quick quiz on the water cycle.

PE will be on Wednesday this week.

If you need extra copies of the math and reading response homework they are attached.  And the copy of the words we are practicing this week are attached as well.

Math 10:22-2ghqivc

RR 10:23-1ilw8fp

SpW 10:22-u0hq7v

If you have any questions please email me!

Monday Updates

Week of 10/16

We are continuing our study of nonfiction text features in ELA (see attached anchor chart), in math we are learning and practicing all the different addition and subtraction strategies to use (see attached anchor chart), in science we are wrapping up our unit on magnets – test will be on Tuesday, and in writing we are continuing to work on publishing our small moment stories.

Please look for your champion’s social studies/science interactive notebook in their backpack Monday evening to help with studying for their upcoming science test on Tuesday.

Open house/Math night will be Wednesday from 5:30-7:30.  We will be showcasing some fun math games that meet our standards as well as showing off some of your champion’s work!  This is a drop in event, so stay as long or as little as you are able!

Friday October 27th is a 1/2 day and our Fall Festival!  Please plan to join us at Elida Corn Maze from 4:00-7:00.  It is free to attend!  But we will have some spirit wear available for purchase as well as ticketed booths like pie a teacher in the face!  Tickets are $1 each.

Our first field trip is Tuesday, October 31st to the Children’s Museum of the Upstate in Greenville, SC.  If you have not already, and are interested in chaperoning please use the sign up genius link below.  Remember you must be a level 2 volunteer to chaperone on a field trip.  Check with Melissa Strong if you are unsure of your status.

Starting this week I will be attaching the word list we are currently working on in my Monday update.  As I have communicated to some of you at our parent teacher conferences, studying these words are optional!  We will work on them for one week and then I will do a quick check to see how your champion is progressing.  If you do choose to work on them at home, I encourage authentic practice like using them in sentences (double points if it’s for their reading response homework!), writing in alphabetical order, sorting by part of speech, etc.

Word List 10:16-1dy941a

As always if you have any questions please let me know!

Math 10:16-1ul09ur

Reading 10:16-2gahiwi

Week of 10/9

Monday Updates…

We are beginning new units in ELA, Math, and Science this week!  In ELA we will be discussing nonfiction texts and their features.  Please have students read at least one nonfiction book this week for reading response!  In math we are beginning addition and subtraction without regrouping.  We will be learning many different strategies to help us solve these problems.  In science we started our unit on magnets!  We will spend time talking about how a magnet attracts metals, what those metals are, as well as exploring using magnets!

Reminder: TOMORROW IS PICTURE DAY!!  You can order online here with the Picture Day ID: HY517104Q0

PE will fall on Wednesday this week!

Scholastic book flyers came home.  If you would like to order books for your champion, please do so by 10/31.  A flyer came home as well detailing how to order.  Our class code is: QNJ7G.  A digital copy is attached as well. scholastic book orders-1g11c72

Mrs. Ladd will be sending out an email in the next little bit with a signup genius for chaperones for our upcoming field trip.  We need at least 5, but more are welcome to come!  To be a chaperone you MUST be a level II volunteer!  If you are unsure if you qualify, please check with Melissa Strong!

If you are not receiving Mrs. Heater’s weekly email make sure to let me or her know!  They have a bunch of important info for parents!

Digital copy of reading and math homework!

As always, any concerns or questions, please email me at any time! 🙂

Week of 9/25

A letter came home today about lice in our classroom.  A couple students were confirmed.  The whole class was checked as well, although I do recommend washing jackets (and backpacks if possible) in hot water as well as double checking your champion again.  All pillows and rugs in the classroom will be bagged for the rest of this week to smother any possible lice and the room will be sprayed down this evening!  If you have any additional questions feel free to contact me!
Tomorrow is PE for us, please send your champion in with appropriate shoes.
Remember this Friday is a 1/2 day to kick off fall break!
We will have our unit test on states of matter on Thursday.  Social Studies/Science journals will come home tomorrow to help with studying!  And our ELA unit test on fables will be on Friday.  To aid in studying for the ELA test it is recommended that you read fables and discuss what makes it a fable, what its setting is, and what the moral is.
Homework was not properly copied on the back of the HLO this week, but will be sent home tomorrow!  So the only homework for tonight is reading response.
As always feel free to email any time with questions or concerns!

Week of 9/18

Tomorrow is PE day for us, please have your champion wear appropriate shoes.

Attached is the field trip letter that went home last week.  If you haven’t read it yet, please do so.

I will email at least a day in advance to remind you of our parent teacher conference, if you need to reschedule or if you will be running late please email me and let me know!

Newsletter will now be sent from me each week.  My hope is to have it sent out by Friday, but it could be coming at you on Sundays if I am running behind.  This week it got sent out today due to technical issues!  It’s attached below as well!

Math and reading response has been updated on the appropriate tabs if your champion loses theirs please feel free to print another copy!

Wednesday we will have an ELA test on Elements of Fiction.  It will cover setting, character traits, types of conflict (character vs self, nature, society, & characters), story sequence, and theme.  You can review for these by discussing these elements with your champion each evening following their read aloud.

Friday we will have a math test.  It will cover comparing numbers (2.NBT.4), skip counting (2.NBT.2), writing numbers using base ten blocks & expanded form (2.NBT.3), and place value (2.NBT.1).  Take time to review these concepts with your champion over the week.

Field Trip Info-2a93hf0

Newsletter 9-18-17-282yt0y

Parent Teacher Conferences

If you have not already done so, please sign up for a slot for a parent teacher conference in the upcoming weeks!  If none of the available times work for you, please let me know!!  I am very flexible!

We will be discussing iReady scores, progress reports, and year long expectations.  If you have any other concerns please email me prior to the meeting so I can be prepared with any examples of work, etc that will be helpful!

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