ICI Mathematics

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IC Imagine is dedicated to provide a curriculum that is fun and engaging, as well as focused on the North Carolina State Standards.  The organization and delivery of instruction as well as assessments is explained below:

Focus Standards 

Description – The math curriculum for each grade level has been designed in clusters known as Focus Standards.  Each Focus Standard is the overarching learning goal, and then broken up into several specific learning targets which are aligned to North Carolina State Standards. 

Click on Grade Level for Focus Standards and Learning Targets:

Math Toolkit

Description – This is the champions math notes. Champions will use this notebook to take guided notes from the collegiate leader. This toolkit can be used both in class and at home to support in learning as the champion is developing the math skills.  This toolkit is developed throughout the school year and is used as a resource in place of a math book. 

Unit Portfolios

Description – The portfolio is a collection of lessons the champion will work through to develop the mastery of the learning targets. Each portfolio of work will cover all the learning targets for a specific focus standard. Click on the link below for grade level math portfolios.  Other learning tools and strategies may be used through a Unit. These will include Exit Tickets, Math Stations / Rotations, Math Games, etc…


– An assessment aligned to each learning target in the Focus Standard. Champions may improve proficiency grades on assessments by additional practice and retests.  To learn more about how to improve a proficiency grade, please contact your collegiate leader.

Weekly Home Learning Opportunity

Description– Home learning opportunities are a way for champions to study grade level math on a weekly basis. The HLO is a weekly spiral review of grade level learning targets. HLO’s are given out on Monday’s and due on Friday’s.  Click on on link for grade level HLO’s.

Math Clubs and Competitions:

  • 4th – 5th Graders – STEM
  • 6th – 8th Graders – MathCOUNTS Club and Competition