Behavior and Conferences

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to tell you that in an ideal world I would have reached out to every parent by now to individually tell you how much I enjoy having each of your champions, it is my goal in the future to have this done before sending home any reflections. I will be contacting every family to touch base about the year thus far, but know this class is handling expectations and responsibilities beautifully. 
I wanted to go ahead and communicate now about classroom behavior expectations.
I have a very structured but new system, so I have not sent this information yet in case I need to tweak it for this class. I didn’t want to tell families I was doing it one way and then change it on you. I will send details about this home as a letter (both hard and e-copy) when I nail down how I am sure we will consistently be following it this year as well as update the “Champions” tab above. This information will detail things you can enforce with them at home.
Champions also have a large part of creating a lot of these systems through the year, especially at the beginning, and their input has been so valuable!
I have also created a sign up genius for our beginning of year conferences. If possible, please try to use these slots, but if you cannot make it to those, I will work with you for another time.
Thank you for everything you do as parents!

Ms. Lombardo

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