Behavior expectations are a very structured but new system for me so I have not sent this information to parents yet in case I need to tweak it for my class I didn’t want to tell families I was doing it one way and then change it on you. I will send details about this home as a letter (both hard and e-copy) when I nail down how I am sure we will consistently be following it this year as well as update this tab. This information will detail things you can enforce with them at home.

Lower School Star Prizes

In the classrooms and hallways, student earn stars for positive behaviors. They can spend them for the rewards above as well as use a star for a Friday star drawing ticket.

The Leader in Me Schoolyard

Games for students from 7 Habits for Happy Kids curriculum.

Fish! Philosophy

Brief overview of fish philosophy.

Growth Mindset

Basic explanation of ideas of Carol Dweck in the TED video below.  Check out her book here.

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