HLO Link(Paper copy will come home every week, this is if yours gets lost after Monday).
Flat Stanley is unusual as there is no due date because it is dependent on the people you send it to to respond. It is the only project that does not have one.
Flat Stanley Letter (Paper copy will come home, this is if yours gets lost after Monday).
HELLO 2nd Grade Families,This week we are getting started with reading and math home learning opportunities (HLO)!


I want to emphasize the importance of free choice reading. We want students to be excited about reading as often as possible and they work very hard to improve specific skills at school. We need your support in helping your student choose books based on interest that will create a positive relationship with reading and give them the drive to grow during instructional reading activities at school.



Above are articles about this concept if you are interested, and I always recommend The Read Aloud Handbook by: Jim Trelease to parents as one of my personal favorite books about creating readers.


  • Students can choose whatever they would like to read daily, the goal is an hour and a half of reading per week.
  • They record minutes read, title and author of the book, as well as choose menu response items (three responses per week, only on the page provided).
  • This can be completed whenever they like within the week and is to be turned in on Mondays with the Math HLO problems on the back of their behavior log from the previous week, when they will also receive a new set.
  • Quarterly Science and Social Studies projects will come home through the year like Flat Stanley for this quarter; information will come home in Daily Folders and be linked in the newsletter.
  • Students are always welcome to read books from the classroom, as well as bring books from home to school, and HLO can be done during dismissal at school.

Please email me with any questions. Happy reading!

Ms. Lombardo


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