Beginning of the Year Update



7th Grade Immunizations

We need updated immunization records for all 7th grade champions. Please see the 7th Grade Immunization Requirements.

School Supplies

The list of supplies are broken up into “Student Supplies” and “Class Specific Supplies”.  Student supplies will be personal items needed for each student and will not be collected and distributed within the class. Students should have these supplies on the first day of school to start the year with a successful organization system. Please read the following link carefully for school supplies. Please add a red spiral-bound notebook to the Social studies list.

1:1 Initiative

The Lenovo N23 chromebooks are here!  We are very excited to announce each middle school student will be assigned a Lenovo N23 chromebook. This device will be utilized as a tool for our middle school teachers and students. We will be working with students on appropriate use of these devices, and use them to maximize student achievement. While the devices will serve as a tool, we have no expectation to have our champions on the devices for extended periods of time. The devices will remain at school, but your champion will have access to them on a daily basis.

Middle School Collegiate Leaders

Andy Pond 6th Grade Mathematics Hanna Heal 7th Grade ELA
Jami Shimer 6th Grade SS/Science Amy Cornett EC
Alicia Rogers 6th Grade ELA/SS Jordan McEwen EC
Taylor Yeates 6th Grade Spanish Kathryn Szumski EC
Veronica Walsh 7th Grade Math Kyle Higgins PE
Serenal Lynch 8th Grade Math Mathew Martin PE
Meridith Mitchell 7th/8th Grade Science Nate Barton Visual Art
Jon Marsden 7th Science/8th ELA Sue Fair Theater Arts/Chorus
Catherine Austell 7th/8th SS Shawn Wellman Band Director
Shannon Vaden 7th/8th Grade Spanish Chelsey Montgomery Assistant Band Director

National Junior Honor Society

We are thrilled to announce the formation of IC Imagine’s chapter of the National Junior Honor Society! Mrs. Jami Shimer will be providing this prestigious opportunity for our 7th – 9th grade champions. More information will come in the following weeks.