IC Imagine Middle School Academic Program

The Leader in Me

IC Imagine will provide a K-12 educational environment grounded in a comprehensive liberal arts program which includes an appreciation and demonstration of the relationship between expectation and excellence. Beginning in Kindergarten, students will develop an understanding of their role in their own education through the curriculum outlined in The Leader in Me by Stephen Covey. The entire school community will utilize this model to develop individual educational ownership and leadership by investing in each individual’s potential for greatness.

Mission Specific Goals
At IC Imagine, all students will:

  • Study Spanish in Grades K-12 in year round courses of study.
  • Receive instruction in the Fine Arts including Visual Arts, Choral Music, Band, or Theatre.
  • Participate in Physical Education and movement in Grades K-12 in year round courses of study.
  • Participate in community service.
  • Engage in leadership opportunities within the school and greater community.
  • Attend two (2) cultural or civic events, from a selection of offerings outlined and approved by school leadership, each academic year beginning in Grade 7.

Core Knowledge and NC Common Core Standards
The K-8 program includes the foundations of Core Knowledge as provided by E. D. Hirsch, Jr.’s theory of cultural intelligence. The entire K-8 community extends the North Carolina Essential Standards and the National Common Core Standards through integration of this course of study within the curriculum, as applicable. Core Knowledge is a sequenced curriculum based on a nationally researched core body of knowledge to provide students the opportunity to meet standards for cultural literacy. INVEST COLLEGIATE subscribes to the belief that as a community, we benefit from a shared body of knowledge which forms a framework for understanding, acceptance, and the expansion of learning. The Core Knowledge Foundation provides a well-defined training program for educators. Families are offered opportunities to attend school based seminars to expand their awareness of Core Knowledge.


Foundations of Math Grade 6
Foundations of Math Grade 7
Foundations of Math Grade 8
Math Grade 6
Math Grade 7
Math Grade 8
Accelerated (6/7) Math
Accelerated (7/8) Math
Math 1 (high school credit)
Math 2 (high school credit)

Middle School math will continue to expand the students’ mathematical knowledge through exploring numbers and number sense, ratios, percent, proportion, computation, measurement, geometry, expressions, equations, probability, and statistics, using an investigative, problem-centered, approach to learning.  Students at IC Imagine will be taught the Core Knowledge and the North Carolina Common Core State Standards through the Connected Mathematics Project 3 curriculum, as applicable.  Students will be required to take the NC end-of-grade assessment.  Our goal is for all 8th grade students to take Math I, while recognizing the importance of meeting our students where they are and providing the appropriate level of mathematical instruction for each individual student.

 English Language Arts

English/ Language Arts
ELA Grade 6
ELA Grade 7
ELA Grade 8

English Language Arts covers a wide range of skills: reading literature and informational texts, developing writing and grammar skills, building vocabulary and improving speaking and listening skills. ELA classes will meld the Common Core State Standards with the Core Knowledge standards to provide an atmosphere with high expectations. These expectations will look differently for each individual Champion as all lessons will possess differentiation to meet the specific needs of the students.


Science Grade 6
Science Grade 7
Science Grade 8

Middle School Science includes many hands-on and experiential learning opportunities. Champions will conduct experiments using tools commonly used in the scientific community, and develop projects based on the concepts aligned with the North Carolina course of study and Core Knowledge curriculum. Students participate in a variety of science-based field trips and opportunities, and science professionals frequently visit our school to share their expertise.

 Social Studies

Social Studies
Social Studies Grade 6
Social Studies Grade 7
Social Studies Grade 8

Students in sixth and seventh grade social studies will explore their first formal look at a study of the world. Sixth grade will focus heavily on the discipline of geography to understand the emergence, expansion and decline of civilizations and societies from the beginning of human existence to the Age of Exploration. Seventh graders study the world from the Age of Exploration to contemporary times in order to understand the implications of increased global interactions.

Both grades focus on conflict and cooperation, economic development, population shifts, political thought and organization, cultural values and beliefs and the impact of environment over time. As students examine the various factors that shaped the development of civilizations, societies and regions in the ancient world, they will examine both similarities and differences among these areas. We integrate various civilizations, societies and regions from every continent (Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas). During this study, students will learn to recognize and interpret the “lessons of history:” those transferable understandings that are supported throughout time by recurring themes and issues.

Spanish Language

Spanish Grade 6
Spanish Grade 7
Spanish Grade 8
Spanish 1 (high school credit)

INVEST COLLEGIATE aspires to the principals of a Proficiency Spanish Language Program. Beginning in Kindergarten, students receive instruction in Spanish through a continuous, sequential, cumulative, and standards-based language program. The Spanish Course of Study will intensify in Middle and Upper School. All students in Grades 6 – 12 will take one full year of Spanish each academic year.

Healthy Living

Physical Education
Physical Education Grade 6
Physical Education (7/8)

The entire school community participates in the programming as suggested by John Ratey in SPARK! which highlights the relationship between academic success and healthy living. Each school day, the K-12 school community participates in daily movement and exercise based on the programs developed as a result of John Ratey’s research.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts
Visual Arts Grade 6
Visual Arts (7/8)
Honors Visual Arts (7/8)
Theater Arts Grade 6
Theater Arts (7/8)
Honors Theater Arts (7/8)
Chorus (6-8)
Honors Chorus (6-8)
Beginner Band (Woodwinds)
Beginner Band (Brass)
Beginner Band (Percussion)
Symphonic Band
Honors Band

INVEST COLLEGIATE acknowledges the theory of Multiple Intelligences which maintain that Fine Arts are central to character and brain development. Fine Arts training accesses the multiple intelligences and provides a needed medium for students adept in spatial, musical, and kinesthetic intelligences. The INVEST COLLEGIATE Fine Arts program includes Band, including Percussion, Woodwinds, and Brass; Music and Choral Education, Visual Arts, and Theatre. Beginning in Middle School (Grades 6-8) all students will choose one Art of focus.


The band program will consist of individual instrument classes and performing ensembles. Champions will begin their band experience in an individual instrument class where they will learn how to play their instrument in a homogeneous environment. Basic music theory, small ensemble skills, and solo performance skills are covered in the class with several performances occurring throughout the school year to celebrate milestones in their development. A working instrument is required, while weekly practice records and objectives are used to help determine grades for the class. After completing the individual instrument class, Champions will have the opportunity to audition for the Honors Band or Symphonic Band. Each of these groups will perform numerous concerts, participate in all-district and all-state auditions, and travel locally to perform and/or see professional performances.


The goal of Middle School Chorus is to establish the basics of ensemble and individual singing techniques to prepare champions for high school chorus. This class will focus on teaching healthy singing techniques, music notation, solfege, and sight-reading through the use of a varied repertoire. Middle School Chorus is designed as a performance based class.  There will be opportunities for Champions to perform at destinations outside of our campus and at our school.  There will be required concerts that all Champions in chorus must attend. Grading will include class participation, concert attendance, repertoire checks, solfege, and other music assignments. The required materials for chorus are a black one-inch three ring binder and a pencil.


Theater Arts students will be challenged in performance, script writing and analysis, character analysis and development and basic elements of technical theater. Champions will perform and learn skills in public speaking, drama, comedy, musical theater, and improvisational theater.  All Champions will be expected to participate in formal and informal presentations throughout the school year, including both a Fall and Spring production.  Some performances and field trips will be off campus during school and non-school hours, participation is required.  Champions will need a folder with pockets, a notebook, highlighters, and a pencil.  Parents may be asked to volunteer for formal performances.

Visual Arts
The Visual Art program at I.C. Imagine has 4 main components: problem solving/critical thinking, art history, skill and fine motor development, and the study of cultures through the lens of art.  Students will explore drawing, painting, digital media, sculpture, graphic design and more.  From fantasy treehouse designs to model surfboards projects begin with some aspect of art history then a new skill or media is introduced and practiced.  Students use new knowledge and skills to solve a visual problem with specific criteria.  All projects culminate with the submission of a digital image of their work.  These images are collected into a digital portfolio for each student.