1/18/19 Newsletter and some insight into our week and future!

First Grade Level News 1.18.19

Greetings everyone, we made it to Friday! Please be sure you are engaging in our weekly grade level news letter, lots of good information in there that we work hard to produce for you to keep everyone in the loop and on the same page!

We have talked and practiced a lot this week on washing hands, and sanitizing when we need to since lots of sickness is upon us! Please reinforce this at home, a great way to make sure your Champion’s hands have properly been washed is for them to sing the happy birthday song to themselves while applying soap!

Everyone has been very engaged in learning about space, we have been doing lots of fun activities during science and working on some space related word work as well!

Words Their Way groups started back up on Wednesday, please practice the assigned spelling pattern you will find in your Champion’s yellow folder. Their first assessment will be next Wednesday, and they will come home with new homework practice on that day too. This will flow just like it did before we embarked on our Winter Break!

The Habit Awards started up this week, be on the lookout for an email if your Champion is chosen for this award, I choose one a week, and the award ceremony occurs at our Friday morning meeting. Please keep in mind that I will give everyone a Habit Award eventually. I look for stand out leaders, and we talk lots about how you can be a stand out leader at school! Congratulations to our friend Cohen for being the winner this week, way to go friend!

We have also been learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this week and will continue to into next week. We have discussed how he is a true leader in the Civil Rights Movement and how influential of a figure he is in our country’s history. Ask your Champion what they have learned about him! This will conveniently transition us into our Social Studies unit for Black History Month, where we will learn about other influential leaders, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ! This will begin after wrapping up our space unit in science.

Thanks for all of your continued support and I hope everyone stays healthy! Have a fabulous 3 day weekend, and we will see you back at school Tuesday, ready to rock and roll through next week!


Newsletter 1/11/19

First Grade Level News 1.11.19

We made it through our first full week back from Winter Break! Everyone was very successful, and I am so impressed by our Champions for remembering and valuing our classroom expectations!

Hope your weekend is enjoyable and you are able to relax and enjoy your time with family and friends!

~ Mrs. Flood ~