Newsletter and some things!

First Grade Level News 3.1.19-1xj8jr4

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Progress Reports # 1: comes home with your Champion today! The NEW learning targets that we have covered since Q2 report cards came home are highlighted in yellow, not much has changed since then! Please sign the first line of the NEW Q3 sticker on the envelope and send back to school as soon as possible. If your Champion turns it in signed on Monday, they will get a star!

Donations: HUGE shoutout to those of you who donated cleaning supplies to our classroom, you are the best!

Dress Code: please be sure you are sending your Champion to school with a dress code approved jacket. Everything about dress code can be found on the ICI website, you can find the link to this in the “important links” section of our website up at the top! 

Shoutout to our class: I wanted to take a moment to give another shoutout to our AWESOME Champions, they are hardworking, caring and so helpful towards each other and me. I CANNOT believe that we are already into Quarter 3 of our school year and how far we have all come since day one in 1st grade! I am truly grateful to call them my students! Please celebrate them this weekend, they deserve it!