Behavior expectations in our room

I believe it is important for students and teachers to create behavior expectations together, as a classroom community.

Below are the ones my class & I came up with last year:

  1. I can stay in my body bubble (personal space).
  2. I can respect others and myself.
  3. I can follow directions the first time.

Here are more details & insights into what to expect once we are back in the classroom:

If your Champion has to be given 3 or more reminders about a behavior, I will help them fill out a “choice contract”. This allows for them to reflect about what choice they made and what choice will be better next time a similar situation comes up.

If the behaviors continue after this step in the reflection process, your Champion will “bounce” to another first grade classroom. This will be an opportunity to see if being in a different learning environment will result in success.

I will always communicate home via email if your Champion has had a challenging day.

I am s STRONG believer in fresh starts the following day, put the past in the past and move forward!