Behavior Expectations in our room!

I would like to fill you in on how our first grade classroom is ran in regards to behavior expectations and consequences. We haveĀ three promises in our room that we came up with as a group last week.

1) Be respectful of others (their wishes, body bubbles, and showing whole body listening). 2) Be in control of our minds and bodies. 3) Follow directions the first time.

If we are not being true to our three promises, the consequence system works in the following way:

  1. Warning number 1
  2. Warning number 2 and given a different spot to where success will be reached
  3. “Bounce”: The Champion still is not valuing our learning community and is moved to another Collegiate Leader’s room to have a reflecting break.
  4. Reflection Sheet and email home: The Champion is continuing to not hold true to our three promises and will fill out a reflection sheet to brainstorm how the inappropriate behavior will be avoided in the future, including what they will choose to do the next time.


For example, Kimmy is talking with a friend during teaching and learning time. She gets a warning, continues to talk to her friend. Then, she gets the second warning and is asked to sit where her teacher asks her to. She continues to talk to friends, so she is bounced out of the room. She comes back and continues the behavior, so she fills out a reflection sheet.

If you have questions, please email me!