Newsletter 9/15/17 and a little info!

Greetings! I hope every one has had a chance to see their Champion’s Baggy Book that started coming home on Monday! Please help your Champion get their Words Their Way sorts cut out so that these are being practiced at home! Remember, your Champion learns and brings home a new sort every Wednesday!

Attached is the newsletter, which I am attaching early! Have a good weekend!

Sarahs Newsletter 91517-z0pna8

Newsletter 9/8/17

Newsletter for next week! Enjoy your weekend!

Newsletter 9.8.docx-1enwyh8


Old Salem permission slips are DUE on TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 12! That is NEXT Tuesday! If I have yet to receive your slip, your Champion will come home with one on Monday, please return it Tuesday if you would like for your Champion to attend this trip. Thanks for being proactive!

Adventure Club!

Looking to join IC Imagine team and families for a little adventure?! Please visit this LINK!

(hover your mouse over top of the word LINK above to find out more information on Adventure Club at IC Imagine!)


Progress Reports!

It has been a great start to our first grade year! We have enjoyed building our communities and getting to know each other.
We began our first academic units last week and I have not yet assessed some Champions in our room. If you see a blurb that read, “not yet observed/assessed”, please stay tuned in! Please note that the current scores on progress reports are mostly based on informal observations, whereas future scores will be based mostly on data from assessments. You can monitor your Champion’s data through the Parent Portal.
No one has been given a score in Science because we kick off our first grade year with community building in Social Studies!
Please send the yellow progress report envelopes (signed) back in on Tuesday!

Couple of things Friends!

Thanks to those of you who turned the Home Language Survey back in to school, you guys rock!

The field trip letter came home yesterday, Wednesday, 8/30. I am aware that the field trip payments have yet to go live. They should soon, so please keep checking in. Thanks for being on top of this!

Today, the Science Alive Day at Old Salem field trip permission slip will be coming home in HLO folders, please fill out and turn back in ASAP! The place where you indicate whether or not you’d like to be a chaperone is ON THE BACK of this form!

SNACK- I have lots of friends coming to school with not enough food for snack, please be sure that your Champion comes to school with a filling snack, thanks!

Progress Reports come home tomorrow, Friday 9/1/17! Please take them out of the envelope, sign the envelope, then send them back to school, thanks!

Home Language Survey!

Good morning everyone, Home Language Surveys will be coming home with your Champion today, 8/28/17 and they have to be turned back in by THIS Friday, 9/1/17. If you would please try your best to make this happen, it is greatly appreciated!

Newsletter for Week Four!

Newsletter 8.25.docx-15zxj3p

Remember this is where you will find the weekly newsletter for First Grade, please get in the habit of checking the website for this. Thanks!

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weekend we are so lucky to have! Cannot wait to see all of the Champions bright and early on Monday for a full week of learning and getting to know each other even more! Please do not hesitate to contact me about questions/concerns that may arise. Lets all stay in the loop and support our Champions in every way we can!

Fun in Carrier Park Tomorrow!

**Don’t forget we have our First Grade Picnic coming up tomorrow @ Carrier Park 11 AM – 1 PM**
Please bring snack/lunch for your Champion and/or something to share!
If you would like to contribute a donation towards the Carrier Park reservation fee that would be very much appreciated! 🙂
Hope to see you all there! Email me if you have questions. It will be so much fun and popsicles will be provided by your Collegiate Leaders… yummmmmyyyy!