Good afternoon everyone! I wanted to let you know that I have included an Inclement Weather link under the important links tab at the top of our website. This is a webpage that will help keep you updated for events like today. On the webpage you can sign up via email and/or text to be alerted when school delays/cancelations/early releases occur. It is very quick and easy to sign up, and I highly encourage it!

Happy New Year everyone!

Welcome back to school and Happy New Year, I hope you were able to have some quality time with your family (especially your Champions!) and friends over our long break. I hope everyone is refreshed and ready to take on the New Year together! I am so glad and excited to be back!

I was able to spend lots of quality time with my family and friends over the break. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

Sea kayaking on Thanksgiving break with my husband, Joyner!
The island we kayaked to on Thanksgiving break
My baby cousin, Hays
My Mom and I during the big snow of 2017!
My Dad and I!
A view from the Biltmore property during the big snow storm!
Ms. White and I during the big snow!
Family time with Joyner’s parents!
Our Christmas tree, thanks Mrs. Merck for our handmade house ornament! (left hand side)

I also had the opportunity to participate in the Orton Gillingham training which is a multi-sensory approach to teaching reading. I am very excited to begin my journey implementing this approach to reading into the classroom!

Yesterday went well, everyone seemed very eager to be back in the classroom and I was very impressed all around!

Here are some things to remember, it has been a while since we were back in our routine!

  • Not nuts
  • Please pack a generous snack portion for your Champion, they are very hungry when snack rolls around!
  • With the cold weather, please make sure your Champion is coming to school with warm clothes. The more the better! Since we are right by the window and door front, our room gets VERY cold! Also, it would be a good idea to send your Champion to school with a jacket that can live here in their cubby! ICI spirit hoodies are now a part of our dress code, yay!
  • Baggy books will begin coming home again, please help your Champion get that back to school so we can return it to our first grade library. Help your Champion remember to switch out their books for new ones once they are done reading!
  • Monday folders will start coming home this upcoming Monday, 1/8/17, please take out work that is in there and return to school the following day.
  • Weekly newsletters are attached to our website! Please get back in the habit of checking our website for important info!


  • If you have not had a chance to make field trip payments, please do so at your earliest convenience, it is very important, thank you!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

*Before Break Update- No Newsletter*

Good morning everyone! I hope that our break is relaxing and enjoyable! I will be tuned out for the most part of the break, but as always, please don’t hesitate to shoot me and email if something pops up for you.

Yesterday, our Winter Send Off Party went well! Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. DeRobertis, Ms. Morissette, and Mrs. Miggas for being here to help set up and facilitate! Thanks to all of our parents who donated items to help us have fun! We represented tens (pretzel rods) and ones (marshmallows), made and decorated snowflakes, and colored our Holiday decoration (doesn’t just have to be for a Christmas tree, if that is a Holiday you do not celebrate!)- this one is special because the ribbon attached is the height of your Champion before we ring in the New Year!

Today, your Champion will be coming home with a gift from me, be on the lookout for that in their yellow folder! Their TURKEY acrostic poem will be in there as well, among with some other work. We will be finishing up our Elf Glyphs today!

We have learned all of our 7 habits, this week we learned about “Sharpen The Saw” which is creating balance in our lives. This break is a great opportunity to practice this habit! Please ask your Champion about it!

If you have donated items to the classroom (ie: Wish List items, paper towels, tissues, etc.), ICP is asking that you take a moment to record that information here: http://imaginecommunitypartners.com/in-kind-donations/
This will help ICP keep track of In Kind Donations!
Happy Holidays to all!

A few updates!

Today, 11/14/17 (Tuesday) your Champion will bring home the Winter Reading packet for The Mitten that matches up with our author study of Jan Brett upon our return from Winter Break!

Please send in the apples for your Champion’s Family Tree Project that we will begin working on this week!

Please fill out and sign the pink Power School information sent home from Monday, thanks!

**TONIGHT IS READING UNDER THE STARS! Please join us if you can! 6:00-7:30!**

Progress reports come home on Thursday! These will not be much different than Q1 report cards FYI!

Please be on the lookout for your Champion’s TURKEY acrostic poem!

11/3/17 Newsletter!

Newsletter 11/3/17

Please check out our newsletter! Hard to believe that Winter Break is approaching us! There are a few fun school events up and coming, check out the newsletter to find out all of the details!

Thanks Alex DeRobertis and Amy Nemec for being so supportive os our Champions, our learning environment and myself!