Wishlist update

I have added some things I think will be valuable in our classroom to enhance our learning environment on the Amazon wish list! Please do not feel pressured into buying anything, your support is what counts!

If you would like to view the added items, please look at the top of the page and click on the link titled, “Flood us with gifts”!

Media Release forms!

There was a paper​ in your Champion’s folder for an upcoming discussion about safety

​ – if you do not want them to attend this discussion please sign and return​!
​ (Also email me to let me know)​, otherwise just recycle them!

Fine Arts 5K info!

This is the last week for early registration pricing for the Fine Arts 5k happening on Saturday, September 2!

Early registration before August 19 for the 5k is $25.00, and $10.00 for the fun run, and you will be guaranteed a t-shirt. Online registration will still be available for the 5k from August 20-August 30 for $30.00 but you will not be guaranteed a t-shirt.

First Grade Picnic in Carrier Park!

The First Grade Picnic at Carrier Park will be this Saturday at 11 AM – 1 PM 🙂 – Hope to see you there! Please bring a snack for your Champion or snack to share with the group!

Please email me back to RSVP so I know how many families are planning on attending!​
Hope to see you all there!

Orange folders!

Today, you will notice that there is a orange folder in your Champion’s backpack! This is also called their Monday folder. In this folder is their classroom work from the previous school week. Please empty this folder and send it back to school with your Champion the next day.


Great First Day Friends!

Greetings everybody,
Wow! What a fantastic day of first grade. Your Champions engaged in their very first First Grade Morning Meeting. We learned a lot about how our classroom operates and went on a tour of the “newish” setup of our school. We learned about our classroom materials, the expectations in our classrooms and the hallway. We also experimented with flexible seating arrangements and spoke about expectations.
We will continue learning more about our daily routines and practicing them until they are second nature to us. All new transitions take time and I know your Champions are ready to go! 
Your Champion will begin bringing home their yellow Home Learning Opportunity folders tomorrow, after the first full day of school. Please make sure you check their behavior rating and make sure the folder comes back every single dayYou may choose to begin the routine of nightly reading, but more Home Learning Opportunities will start next week. 
Mrs. Flood’s Investment Schedule 
Wednesday is the first day of investments –
 It is a circle day , we will have Technology/FLEX
Circle Day= Technology/FLEX
Triangle Day= P.E. (wear appropriate shoes!)
Square Day= Music
Rectangle Day= Art
Hexagon Day= Spanish
Reminder: please send your Champion to school tomorrow with a nut-free snack and lunch (no access to microwaves, so please plan ahead accordingly!
Thanks and have a wonderful evening!
*Mrs. Flood*

Greetings Everyone!

Checkout the website, let me know if you have any questions!

I cannot wait to meet and get to know everyone!

See you at Open House Monday, 8/7/17 at 9:00