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June After School and Early Care Menu’s

After School

6-1-17: Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

6-2-17: Ranch Chicken and Crakers


6-5-17: Jello Cups

6-6-17: Pizza Bagels

6-7-17: Ham & Cheese Roll Ups

6-8-17: Cheese Stick & Goldfish Crackers

6-9-17: Chips/ Salsa/ Bean Dip/ Cheese Dip


6-12-17: Assorted Fruit with Whipped Cream

6-13-17: Pretzels & Applesauce

6-14-17: Cheese/Pepperoni/ Crackers

6-15-17: Veggies w/ Ranch

6-16-17: Apple Slices/ Honey/ Sunbutter/ Caramel


6-19-17: Pita Chips w/ Hummus

6-20-17: Fruit Cocktail

6-21-17: Fried Rice

6-22-17: Apple Sauce & Graham Crackers

6-23-17: Fruit Snacks & Vanilla Wafers


6-26-17: Cheese Quesadilla

6-27-17: Pop Corn Bar


Early Care

6-7-17: Toasted English Muffin w/Jelly and Choice of Apples/ Banana’s

6-14-17: French Toast Sticks w/ Syrup and Choice of Strawberries/ Blueberries

June Early Care and After School Online Registration Links

Here are the June links for SCOPES Early Care and After School.

June Early Care Online Registration


June SCOPES After School Online Registration

Summer Camp 2017

Summer Camp

Just wanted to post the link to Summer camp. We have decided to have camp  the first 3 weeks of July. The only exception to camp is we will be closed for the 4th of July and reopen on the 5th. If you are interested please register on the online link attached to this post. Camp as always depends on enrollment. If we do not have enough students enrolled we may not have camp one or all of these weeks. Paper forms can be picked up at the front desk, can be sent in an email by request to or by using the link below labeled paper forms. You may also pick them up after school in SCOPES.

Summer Camp 2017

Summer Camp 2017 Paper Form

May After School and Early Morning Menus

After School:

5-1-17: Pizza Bagels

5-2-17: Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

5-3-17: Ham and Cheese Roll Ups

5-4-17: Ranch Chicken with Crackers

5-5-17: Fruit Snacks with Pretzels


5-8-17: Goldfish and Applesauce

5-9-17: Strawberries/Blueberries/Grapes with Whipped Cream

5-10-17: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

5-11-17: Pita Chips and Hummus

5-12-17: Cheese, Pepperoni and Crackers


5-15-17: Apple Slices with Honey/ Sunbutter/ Caramel

5-16-17: Lil Smokies

5-17-17: Smoothies

5-18-17: Graham Crackers & Sunbutter/Honey

5-19-17: Fruit Cocktail


5-22-17: Pretzels and Cheese Sticks

5-23-17: Turkey and Cheese Roll Ups

5-24-17: Veggies w/ Ranch

5-25-17: Vanilla Wafers w/ Sunbutter/ Honey

5-26-17: Pop Corn Bar


5-30-17: Cheese Quesadilla

5-31-17: Fried Rice


Early Care Menu:

5-3-17: Go-Gurt w/ Choice of Cantaloupe or Oranges

5-10-17: Toasted English Muffin w/ Jelly and Choice of Apples or Blueberries

5-17-17: French Toast Sticks w/ syrup/ honey and Choice of Strawberries or Banana

5-24-17: Cinnamon Rolls w/ Choice of Pineapple or Mangos

5-31-17: Toasted Bagels w/ Cream Cheese/ Jelly and Choice of Kiwi or Grapes

May Online Registration Links

Here are your May Online registration links for Early Care and SCOPES After School.


May Early Care Online Registration Link


May After School Online Registration Link

April Menu’s

After School Menu

4/10/17:  Grilled Cheese Sandwich halves

4/11/17: Smoothies

4/12/17: Veggies w/ Ranch

4/13/17: Pita Chips w/ Hummus

4/14/17: Fried Rice


4/17/17: Cheese Quesadilla

4/18/17: Mozzarella Sticks

4/19/17: Fruit Cocktail

4/20/17: BBQ Lil’ Smokies, Cheese Lil, Smokies, Plain Lil’ Smokies

4/21/17: Rice Crispy Dried Fruit Treats


4/24/17: Dirt Pudding

4/25/17: Crock Pot Mac-N-Cheese

4/26/17: Pretzels and Cheese Sticks

4/27/17: Chips w/ Guacamole/Salsa/Bean Dip/ Cheese Dip

4/28/17: Pop Corn Bar


Wednesday Early Care Menu

4/12/17: Cinnamon Rolls w/ Grapes or Cuties

4/19/17: Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal w/ Apples or Strawberries

4/26/17: Pancakes w/ Blueberries or Kiwi

Spring Break Camp Snack Menu

Please Remember to send in a morning snack and lunch for your child.  Afternoon snack will be provided as is as follows. If your child will not eat any of the following please send in something else.

Thanks So Much,

Lynette Gillis

SCOPES Director

Spring Break Menu

3-27-17:  Fruit Cups

3-28-17:  Smoothies

3-29-17: Mac-N- Cheese

3-30-17: Pepperoni/Cheese/ Crackers

3-31-17: Dirt Pudding


4-3-17: Quesadilla

4-4-17: Fruit w/ dip

4-5-17: Pigs in Blankets

4-6-17: Jello Cups

4-7-17: Apple Sauce w/ Graham Crackers


April Online Registration Links

Here are your April Online registration links for Early Care and SCOPES After School.


April Early Care Online Registration


April After School Online Registration

Possible Bad Weather

I just want to let all the families know  that should there be a weather related delay that Early Care will not be open. Should the school close there will be no SCOPES after school care as well. Thanks all and stay safe and warm.

Menu’s for March

Wednesday Early Care Menu:

3-8-17: Go-Gurt with choice of mango or pineapple

3-15-17: Pancakes with choice of orange slices or blueberries

3-22-17: Muffins with choice of grapes or apple slices


After School Menu:

3-1-17: Lil’ Smokies with cheese cubes

3-2-17: Ranch Chicken with crackers

3-3-17: Mashed Potato Bar 


3-6-17: Mozzarella cheese sticks  

3-7-17: Hashbrowns

3-8-17: Smoothies

3-9-17: Fruit cocktail

3-10-17: Guacamole with chips, salsa, cheese dip, bean dip


3-13-17: Pizza Bagels

3-14-17: Chips with salsa. bean dip, cheese dip

3-15-17: Sliced apples with caramel dip/ sunbutter

3-16-17: Veggies with ranch

3-17-17: Cheese quesadilla


3-20-17:  Fruit and Yogurt parfaits

3-21-17: Banana pudding

3-22-17: Ice Cream Bar

3-13-17: Fried Rice

3-24-17: Pop Corn Bar

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