This is the November menu up to winter break. There will be a separate menu just for winter camp.

After School:

11-1-17: Smoothies

11-2-17: Apple Sauce and graham Crakers

11-3-17: Cheese Quesadilla


11-6-17: Mozzarella Sticks

11-7-17: Turkey and Cheese Roll Ups

11-8-17: Ranch Chicken and Crackers

11-9-17: Animal Crackers w/ Sunbutter/Honey

11-10-17: NO SCHOOL


11-13-17: Pizza Bagels

11-14-17: Ham and Cheese Roll Ups

11-15-17: Veggies w/Ranch

11-16-17: Cheese Sticks & Goldfish Crackers

11-17-17: NO SCHOOL


11-20-17: Fried Rice

11-21-17:  Cheese/ Crackers/ Pepperoni


Early Care:

11-1-17: French Toast Sticks with Choice of Banana’s or Blueberries

11-8-17: Cinnamon Rolls with Choice of Grapes or Strawberries

11-15-17: Bagels with Choice of Apples or Oranges