Here is the menu for February Early Care and SCOPES After School. This menu actually takes is into the first two days of March as well.

After School:

2-5-18: Chips, Salsa, and Cheese Dip

2-6-18: Veggies with Ranch

2-7-18: Churros

2-8-18: Cheese Quesadilla

2-9-18: Fried Rice

2-12-18: Fruit Cocktail

2-13-18: Ranch Chicken and Crackers

2-14-18: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

2-15-18: Vanilla Wafers w/ sunbutter/ honey

2-16-18: Turkey and Cheese Roll Ups

2-19-18: Rice Crispy Treats

2-20-18: Jello Cups

2-21-18: Pizza Bagels

2-22-18: Pretzels and Gummies

2-23-18: Pop Corn Bar

2-26-18: Goldfish and Cheese Sticks

2-27-18: Apple Sauce and Graham Crackers

2-28-18: Lil Smokies and Cheese Cubes

3-1-18: Apple Slices w/ sunbutter/ honey

3-2-18: Cheese/ Pepperoni/ Crackers


Early Care Snack:

2-7-18: Blueberry Muffins  with choice of apple slices or banana’s

2-14-18: Pancakes with choice of strawberries or blueberries

2-21-18: Go-Gurt with choice of kiwi or grapes

2-28-18: French Toast Sticks  with choice of mango or pineapple