Here is the menu for March Early Care and SCOPES After School.

After School

3-1-18: Apple Slices w/ Sunbutter/ Honey

3-2-18: Cheese slices/ Pepperoni/ Crackers

3-5-18: Fruit with Fruit dip

3-6-18: Breaded Mozzarella Sticks

3-7-18: Dirt Pudding

3-8-18: Chips w/ Guacamole/ Salsa/Bean Dip/ Cheese Dip

3-9-18: Pigs in a Blanket or Plain Crossaints

3-12-18: Veggies w/Ranch

3-13-18: Hashbrowns

3-14-18: Banana Pudding

3-15-18: Cheese Quesadilla

3-16-18: Fried Rice

3-19-18: Ham and Cheese Roll Ups

3-20-18: Rice Crispy Treats

3-21-18: Ice Cream Bar

3-22-18: Jello Cups

3-23-18: Pop Corn Bar

Early Care

3-7-18: Cinnamon Rolls w/ choice of Strawberries or Kiwi

3-14-18: Muffins w/ choice of  Apples or Banana

3-20-18: Bagels w/ Cream Cheese or Jelly and Choice of Grapes or Cantaloupe