4/9/18: Pizza Bagels

4/10/18: Pretzels and Gummies

4/11/18: Barbecue Lil Smokies, Cheesy Lil Smokies, and Plain Lil Smokies with Cheese Cubes

4/12/18: Goldfish and Cheese Sticks

4/13/18: Banana Pudding


4/16/18: Breaded Mozzarella Sticks w/ Marinara  

4/17/18: Apple Slices w/ Sun butter or Honey

4/18/18: Churro’s

4/19/18: Cheese Slices/ Pepperoni’s/ Crackers

4/20/18: Cheese Quesadilla


4/23/18: Fruit w/ Fruit Dip

4/24/18: Veggies w/ Ranch

4/25/18: Fried Rice

4/26/18: Pigs In a Blanket and Plain Croissants 

4/27/18: Popcorn Bar


4/30/18: Turkey and Cheese Roll Ups


Early Care: 

4/11/18: French Toast Sticks w/ syrup and Choice of Apple Slices or Blueberries

4/18/18: Variety Oatmeal w/ Choice of Banana or Strawberries

4/25/18: Pancakes w/ Syrup or Jelly and Choice of Kiwi or Mango