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Winter Camp

I know its a little early to be talking about winter break, but I wanted to get a jump on registration. It is very important that we have enough champions register. Here is a little more information about camp and a link to register online. There will also be a paper form that can be picked up at the front desk. I am also attaching a link for the paper form here. We will have teacher directed activities such as cooking, art, science, and free play. We will provide an afternoon snack but you will need to provide a morning snack and lunch. We will have a microwave available that can be used for lunches. Please make sure your champion is dressed for winter weather. They will need a coat or jacket  as well hats and gloves each day as we go outside most days.

Date and time of camp: November 27th- December 15th  8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Winter Camp will run from November 27th through December 15th. This is dependent on enrollment. If there are not enough students who enroll one or all 3 weeks then camp for that week may be cancelled. There is a fee for camp of $200/ week per child. There will also be a paper registration form that needs to be filled out and turned in.There is a deposit of $100 for the first week of camp and a $50 deposit for each week after that. This means if your champion is registered to attend all weeks a deposit of $200 will be due by the due date of October 27th. Deposit,  paper forms and online registration must be complete and turned in no later than October 27th. Remaining money for camp will be due to the director by November 15th. Scholarships may be available again this is dependent on enrollment. There is an application process that will be required for all scholarships. In the event of bad weather camp will not operate. No refunds for sickness or weather related closings.  

Contact the director Lynette Gillis at or by calling/ text messaging @ 828-782-1106 with any questions.

Winter Camp Paper Registration Form

Winter Camp Online Registration Form

October Online Registration Links

Here are the October Links for After School and Early Care. Please be aware that the first week of October is our Fall Break. There will not be a camp and SCOPES will not be open during that week.


October After School Online Registration

October Wednesday Early Care Online Registration

September Menus for After School and Early Care

Here is this months menus. If you see something that your child cannot eat or will not eat please send them a snack that they can have during SCOPES time. Please label them as SCOPES snack so that teachers are aware that is what they are for.

After School

9/1:  Homemade Rice Crispy Treats w/ Dried Fruit

9/5: Pizza Bagels

9/6: Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

9/7: Jello Cups

9/8: Turkey and Cheese Roll Ups

9/11: Cheese Quesadilla

9/12: Chips/ Salsa/ Guacamole/ Cheese Dip/ Bean Dip

9/13: Pretzels and Fruit Snacks

9/14: Ham and Cheese Roll Ups

9/15: Apple Sauce and Graham Crackers

9/18: Fried Rice

9/19: Fresh Fruit

9/20: Cheese Sticks and Goldfish Crackers

9/21: Veggies with Ranch

9/22: Vanilla Wafers w/ Sunbutter/ Honey

9/25: Ranch Chicken w/ Crackers

9/26: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Halves

9/27: Cheese/ Pepperoni/ Crackers

9/28: Pita Chips w/ Hummus

9/29: Popcorn Bar

Early Care

9/6: English Muffin with Jelly and Choice of Strawberries or Kiwi

9/13: Pancakes w/ Choice of Blueberries or Pineapple

9/20: Bagels w/ Choice of Apples or Banana’s

9/27: Cinnamon Rolls w/ Choice of Grapes or Oranges


September Online Links for Early Care and After School

Here are you September links:

Early Care

September Early Care Online Registration

After School:

September After School Online Registration

August Menu’s

Sorry this is late but here is the remainder of the month:

After School Snack Menu

8/14/17: Pizza Bagels

8/15/17: Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

8/16/17: Pretzels and Fruit Snacks

8/17/17: Ham and Cheese Roll Ups

8/18/17: Apple Sauce and Graham Crackers


8/21/17: NO SCHOOL

8/22/17: Cheese Sticks and Goldfish 

8/23/17: Fried Rice

8/24/17: Cheese/ Pepperoni/ Crackers

8/25/17: Popcorn Bar (Early Release Day) Ryan’s for Lunch


8/28/17: (Fresh Fruit) Strawberries, Grapes, Pineapple, Blueberries

 8/29/17: Grilled Cheese Sandwich halves

8/30/17: Pita Chips and Hummus

8/31/17: Ranch Chicken and Crackers

9/1/17: Rice Crispy Treats w/ dried fruit


Early Care Menu

8/16/17: Cinnamon Rolls w/ choice of apple slices or cantaloupe

8/23/17: Go Gurt w/ choice of pineapple or mango’s

8/24/17: French Toast Sticks w/ choice of oranges or banana’s


Summer Camp Fun

Here are some pictures of the fun we are having at SCOPES summer camp this year. Cooking, art, and team building exercises. What fun!!!!

August 2017 Early Care and After School Online Registration Links

Here are the August 2017 Early Care and After School online registration links. Your August menu’s will follow soon. After school care will start on August 8th. Please make sure all paper forms have been turned in as well as registration online has been completed. We will not pick up any student that we do not have a confirmed pick up schedule for.



August After School Online Registration

August 2017 Early Care Online Registration

Summer Camp Reminder

Summer Camp

This is a reminder about Summer Camp. Please fill out the online form as well as the paper form.  We are going to have camp  the first 3 weeks of July. The only exception to camp is we will be closed for the 4th of July and reopen on the 5th. If you are interested please register on the online link attached to this post. Camp as always depends on enrollment. If we do not have enough students enrolled we may not have camp one or all of these weeks. Paper forms can be picked up at the front desk, can be sent in an email by request to or by using the link below labeled paper forms. You may also pick them up after school in SCOPES.

Summer Camp 2017

Summer Camp 2017 Paper Form

June After School and Early Care Menu’s

After School

6-1-17: Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

6-2-17: Ranch Chicken and Crakers


6-5-17: Jello Cups

6-6-17: Pizza Bagels

6-7-17: Ham & Cheese Roll Ups

6-8-17: Cheese Stick & Goldfish Crackers

6-9-17: Chips/ Salsa/ Bean Dip/ Cheese Dip


6-12-17: Assorted Fruit with Whipped Cream

6-13-17: Pretzels & Applesauce

6-14-17: Cheese/Pepperoni/ Crackers

6-15-17: Veggies w/ Ranch

6-16-17: Apple Slices/ Honey/ Sunbutter/ Caramel


6-19-17: Pita Chips w/ Hummus

6-20-17: Fruit Cocktail

6-21-17: Fried Rice

6-22-17: Apple Sauce & Graham Crackers

6-23-17: Fruit Snacks & Vanilla Wafers


6-26-17: Cheese Quesadilla

6-27-17: Pop Corn Bar


Early Care

6-7-17: Toasted English Muffin w/Jelly and Choice of Apples/ Banana’s

6-14-17: French Toast Sticks w/ Syrup and Choice of Strawberries/ Blueberries

June Early Care and After School Online Registration Links

Here are the June links for SCOPES Early Care and After School.

June Early Care Online Registration


June SCOPES After School Online Registration

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