SCOPES IMAGINE is the after-school program for students of IC IMAGINE.  SCOPES operates every school day from dismissal until 6 pm.  During this time students are provided with a light snack and given an opportunity to begin their Home Learning Opportunities, as well as free play time.

The tuition for SCOPES is listed below and is based on how many days per week the student will attend the program.   All prices are for a complete month. This will be the pricing for the 2017-2018 school year.

Daily Rate based Number of Children That Attend

This Rate will be multiplied by the number of days SCOPES is in session for the month.

# of children attending
1 $13.00
2 $24.25
3 $35.50


Scholarships for SCOPES are granted to those families that qualify for financial assistance.  Scholarships are granted after a financial review by the family and the SCOPES director and/or Head of School.

SCOPES will also be open on the planned early-release days at the end of each month.  There will be a separate charge for this day and will be determined each month based upon the activities planned.

SCOPES does not operate on any unplanned early-release days, such as weather cancellations.

Feel free to contact the SCOPES director, Lynette Gillis, at the following address if you have any questions about the program: