Wednesday Late Start is the before-school program for students of IC IMAGINE.  Wednesday Late Start  operates every Wednesday morning from 7:25 am until 9:00 am.  During this time students are provided with a light breakfast snack and given an opportunity to finish up their Home Learning Opportunities, organized activities and free play time. There will be a monthly menu posted. Be sure to check it to make sure your child will eat at least one thing being served, otherwise you may want to send them with something to eat or feed them before they arrive.

If you are enrolled in SCOPES, our after school program, the Late Start Program is included.  You still must register your children for attendance each month for planning purposes.  If you do not pre register, the appropriate fee will apply.

The tuition for Wednesday Late Start is listed below and is based on how many days for the month a student will attend the program.   If you do not pre- register but need to use the program the amount will be $10.00 at the time of drop- off.  

Days per month attending
# of children attending 1 2 3 4 5
1 $10 $15 $20 $25 $30
2 $18 $27 $36 $45 $54
3 or more $21 $31 $41 $51 $61


Scholarships for Wednesday Late Start are granted to those families that qualify for financial assistance. Scholarships are granted after a financial review by the family and the Wednesday Late Start  director and/or Head of School.

School will begin on time any Wednesday that is scheduled as an early release day. Wednesday Late Start  does not operate on any unplanned late start days, such as weather cancellations or delays.

Feel free to contact the Wednesday Late Start  director, Lynette Gillis, at the following address if you have any questions about the program: