Week 7, here we come!


Please read the NEWSLETTER to see what is coming up this week in third grade.

The culture project is due tomorrow. Your champion’s research is at school but they are encouraged to bring additional information they may have found to combine them for their presentation. The creation is due tomorrow, 9/25/17. This creation is the choice of the champion but the list on the handout offers some ideas if needed. I know several of them have great ideas prepared and are very excited to present!

Early release Friday-first session of Teach and Learn. Can’t wait to see what they have prepared to share with us! They have been very interested in this so I think it will be really awesome!

Thank you all for being considerate regarding illness. I know it is hard to stay home and make last minute plans when your champion becomes ill but we share our supplies, space, and air so we are always at risk of spreading illness. Please continue to check for head lice (treat hair and home prior to returning to school. We have a no-nit or lice school policy) because we share spaces for groups and investments and have carpet and cushions and rugs in our cozy areas. If you find lice, please let me know so I can take action at school too and hopefully avoid a spread. If your child has fever or has vomited prior to school, please do not send them to school. We have had several illnesses in our class and grade this year so please also keep talking to your champions about washing their hands and making healthy choices in the restroom and before and after eating. If your champion needs to bring cough drops to school, they must be given to me and I will put them in a safe spot for your champion to access them as they need them.

Conferences have been going well, I look forward to meeting with each family.

Progress reports reflect the math assessment from last week. This score increased or decreased your champion’s grade. We are working through corrections in class and we will have another math assessment after break which will be an opportunity for your champion to show understanding of these concepts again. When we finish corrections, I will send home the tests so you can see where the errors were made and their corrections so you can help them continue practicing.

TWO XtraMath addition certificates have been earned!! Keep it up guys! I’m excited to hang them up and show them off!


Thanks for your time, see you tomorrow.


Secret Code: Molly had 233 stickers and Jamal had 124 stickers. They combined their stickers hoping they would have 500 stickers. Do they have 500 stickers? If not, how many more do they need? Show me what you know! 🙂

Week 6, RTA Night, and I-Ready Wrap up!


Please read the NEWSLETTER. A lot of helpful information is there for you. I am getting a lot of emails asking whether or not to attend RTA Night. If you did not receive an invitation in the envelope with your child’s BOG scores, you do not need to attend.

RTA Night for those who received an Invitation starts promptly at 6. We will finish at 6:30. This is an information session, not a conference. We have shared results and scheduled conferences where we will discuss all information and you are welcome to email me with questions.

Please remember to sign up for Teach and Learn time slots so your champion can show us something awesome.

If you have not sent headphones to school for your champion to LEAVE AT SCHOOL-please do.

We are in need of paper towels and kleenex. Please email me if you are able to donate these items and I will let you know how many. I don’t have enough space to store many so I will need to know how many are coming in. We also have an Amazon classroom wishlist linked on the pages to the left. I update it as we need things but please check it out from time to time to see if any items are something you might consider donating to us use. Thanks in advance for your help!



Secret Code:What is heavier, a pound of feathers or a pound of cotton? Think about it…. 🙂

Teach and Learn Presentations

Sign up HERE.

I have included a lengthy information section to give you some guidance. I will be talking with the students more about it too. It was their idea and I think they are pretty pumped about it! Talk with your champion about the time that works best for your family and the amount of time they think they need to prepare for a presentation they want to give.

**This is NOT related to our culture project we are working on at school in any way.


Have a nice evening,

Week 5!


Here is this week’s NEWSLETTER. Please pay close attention to the details of testing starting promptly at 8:05 and open house night. If you need to attend the RTA session at 6PM, you received an invitation and will report to Mrs. Austell’s room in middle school. If you did not, please come to the classroom at the normal open house time for 3rd grade which is 6:30.  Please make sure champions are resting, eating breakfast, and arriving on time this week.

We will have WordlyWise assessments this Friday. Your champion should have brought the word list home two weeks ago and we will continue working in class. They will need to continue to study meaning, context, and spelling at home in preparation for the assessment.

Please check the investments page on the list to the left so you know when we have PE and how your champion should be dressed. (Thursday this week if our schedule remains)

Please also think about sending a dress code sweater or cardigan to school to stay because as the temperatures at the beginning of the day are cooler and the air is on because it gets warmer, several champions are chilly.

Enjoy the weekend, see you Monday!


Secret code: What’s the king of the pencil case? Think about it….:)

Let’s Chat!

Please sign up for a parent conference that fits your schedule.

Please bring any information you would like to review or discuss to this meeting so I can address your concerns and we can make the most of our time together.

I think I have accommodated for all events on the school calendar but if there is a conflict, let me know.

I look forward to meeting with each of you!

Additional Champion Information Needed Please


In efforts to keep school and celebrations and discussions fun, respectful, and SAFE I have created the following forms I need you to respond to carefully. A description is included in each form. Though we do not celebrate holidays and we always strive to have healthy snacks/treats for special occasions, I would like to have confirmation from you regarding the preferences of your family so everyone can be included and if someone needs to have an alternative treat or have another arrangement for a specific celebration, I can be proactive and avoid any hurt feelings or find out in the moment someone cannot have the food we are having or participate in a discussion we may have comfortably.



Thanks for your time,

Happy Long Weekend!


Please review next week’s NEWSLETTER. Progress reports went home today and I have noted at the bottom that in the future they will not have the bottom portion-there will be an attachment of grade book entries similar to what you may be used to viewing on Parent Portal. I know this system is new for you but we stick to the definitions of these scores and that consistency will make sense with time. The students are learning these codes too so feel free to discuss them so they have a better understanding. We do not review progress reports or report cards with champions before you see them. Apologies for no ratings today but we had a guest speaker and book buddies and we cleaned out our folders so we could take home some work samples with the progress reports. It was a good day! You should also know I will be out next Friday and substitutes will not give ratings.

I will be contacting families over the next week to share BOG information with you. On Friday, if you need to attend, I will send home an invitation to RTA night with scores. RTA night will be the night we share all the information you need to know and also answer your questions about the portfolio process. I will not be talking about all of these details on the phone conferences. Please read this information so our phone conference can be focused on information. Please know the BOG results are simply a snapshot of ability and readiness at this point of the year. A score of 1 does not mean your champion will not be successful this year and a score of 5 does not mean your champion has nothing to learn so please be mindful of this. This test was ONLY a reading comprehension test. The focus standards of third grade as a whole were not assessed in their entirety. Answering questions is a lower level thinking task, applying the information relevant to the standards we teach is an entirely different skill. You will see this through our grade level assessments and also work we complete. This test is an end of third grade reading level assessment so keep in mind if your champion reads below a level P at this time, it is likely they were not able to access the content to be able to answer questions correctly. The Beginning of Year (BOY) assessment for I-Ready will be over the next two weeks and this assessment is an approved alternative assessment by the state. This means if your champion achieves the set scale score they will not have to participate in the portfolio process if we think that score is a better reflection of ability. The MOY, EOY, and EOG are all opportunities to discontinue the portfolio process if students show mastery. Typically, students are finished with portfolio by the EOG but it is normal to have a few still working on passages when the EOG time comes. Please do not panic, just encourage your champion to always try their best and make sure they are eating breakfast and sleeping well during testing times especially. Third grade is the year of challenge. We have a lot of fun and learn new content but there are also challenges that take some getting used to. This is why promoting the growth mindset will be very helpful to them. I know it is challenging to help them think this way when they are struggling but the belief in themselves is key. Academics can be remediated but confidence is the hardest skill to build. If you build them up at home and we build them up here, we will see success eventually.

Sign up genius for conferences and show and tell coming soon.

Please send headphones for the computer for testing and each champion has a pair of ear plugs but if noise canceling headphones would be helpful during independent work times, please send them in with your champion.

I know everyone is busy and has cool things going on in their lives so if your champion has an upcoming event or exciting announcement, please share with me so I can share it too!

*This weekend one of our champions is off the Charlotte for a baseball tournament! We wish you luck friend!

Thanks for the great week, enjoy the long weekend!

Week 4!

Hola Familas!

I can’t believe we are already beginning WEEK 4! It’s been a great start!

Please remember to pay attention to the rotation of the investment day. We are beginning tomorrow with Day 2. Champions MUST WEAR TENNIS SHOES FOR P.E which is DAY 3 for us. This week that will fall on Tuesday. We DO NOT have investments on Wednesdays. The schedule is linked to your left.

Please read the NEWSLETTER for details on our week ahead in third grade. You can help us by using adjectives frequently and asking your champion to explain which noun in the sentence you give is being described with which adjective. You can also help by working on telling time to the nearest minute on an analog clock. We share our standards with you all so you can be practicing at home with your champion. Champions should be working on homework. It is meant to be a helpful practice. Doing our best work is what we are learning about and striving for. It also helps us apply our growth mindset. Please encourage them. I know it’s hard work, but it pays off.

If you have still not returned the Computer Use Agreement form, please send it in signed by you and your champion tomorrow 8/28/17. Your champion will not be allowed to use the computers until we receive it. I-Ready testing takes place on the computer so it will be needed prior to us taking our assessments for the beginning of the year also.

Thank you to all of you who signed up to give us and sent in your donation on our shell list from open house. We are using them!

**We currently need gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free (all three criteria if possible make them friendly for any champion who might forget a snack) snacks. Enjoy Life brands are great choices because they are naturally free of some of these things. The sunbutter bars by them are great choices too. (Please do not send us items that require spoons, etc.) Please make sure you are sending a snack for your champion. We do not have snack on late-start Wednesdays in our class. We have lunch 2 hours after arrival. I have chatted with champions about communicating to you whether the amount of food they bring to school is enough, too much, or too little so they have enough food to eat of course but also make an effort to waste less. We spend the first five minutes focusing on our food on a level 0 but I notice champions throw away a lot of uneaten food. I do not remind each champion to eat their food during lunch.

I have gotten all the information for our field trips finalized and we will be sending home this information with the yearly financial total needed soon. Please know we ask for you to pay in advance so we are able to pay the deposits the venues ask of us to secure our fun trips we have planned. If you are unable to pay for the trips in one payment, you can make 3 payments. If you need assistance, please contact melissastrong@icimagine.org so you can complete the necessary paperwork and get them covered BEFORE the trips begin. Once you have permission slips, please send them back (signed) as soon as possible. If there is a trip you do not want your champion to attend, please decide that when you receive the slips because we need to plan accordingly. Unfortunately many costs do not change when champions do not attend (buses for example) so we have to make up for that cost and need notice to be able to make the trip happen for other champions. Thank you for paying close attention to these needs.

Progress reports come home this Friday. Remember we have only been in school a few weeks and prepared for the BOG the first two so there will not be more than a few grades in each subject that we have worked in but they are relevant, accurate grades.

I will be sending out a signup genius link for parent conferences. Please know these times fill quickly and are available on a first come basis. I make myself available before and after school several days a week for this entire month so please try your best to attend one of the slots I have made available to help me protect my out of school hours. If there is an extreme need, I will be willing to schedule a time that works for both of us but please try your best to work it out to attend at a time listed and come to the time you choose. If a phone call is easier for you due to scheduling, I am happy to work out a time to call you instead. More information coming soon.

Enjoy this day! Zoe girl is in total relaxation mode after playing outside!

See you tomorrow!


Secret code: (no one reported the answer last week-let’s step it up!) : What geometric figure is like a lost parrot? 🙂 Think about it……

We did it!

Hola Familias!

Please praise your champion for their hard work and dedication to preparing for and while taking the Beginning of Grade Test! It seemed like they were focused and ready! Once we receive the scores we will contact families and set up the Read To Achieve Night and individual parent conferences for each student.

Thank you to those of you who donated items and volunteered to help us facilitate breakfast.

Please remember we DO NOT have school Monday (8/21/17). Please also remember to apply eclipse safety procedures we have discussed with your champions for yourself, champions, and pets! Enjoy!

Please send in a dishcloth and reusable utensils for use at school. They can bring them home on Fridays for a thorough cleaning.

If you have not already, please return the BOG practice activity and signed computer use agreement form. You champion should sign their own name showing they are aware of the expectations at ICI of technology use. Thank you to those of you who sent it back. I did not know I would need to ask for it back either so I appreciate your help!

Please read the NEWSLETTER! It is important that you are aware of the items we are expecting from your champions and what we are up to here at school.

Have a great, long weekend! See you Tuesday


Secret code (your champion brings the answers to me): What do you call a fish with no eyes? Think about it… 🙂


Week 2 Investments, BOG, and Newsletter

Hola Familias!

Please reference my website for information regularly. I will email the NEWSLETTER link weekly but otherwise, please check here for information you need to know. I try to make it informative so it saves us all email time. Thanks for your help!

This week was a great first week back! We had fun and learned and that’s a good week! So excited so many champions love math! It will be fun to kick it up a notch!

Ask your champion to show/teach you some of their signs they have learned along with the signs of our mission statement.

BOG information in my first website post of the year, please reference it. They will have testing sessions lasting 30 minutes with a 3 minute break between sessions. There will be 3 sessions but additional time is allowed if needed. They need a good night’s rest!

We’ve been working hard on learning procedures. I still need 6 students to bring back signed behavior expectation agreements. Returning documents promptly is very helpful so our routines can run smoothly and helps your champion feel like they have taken care of their responsibilities. The technology security agreement will come on Monday. It must be signed and returned by 8/18/17 in order for your champion to be able to use technology at school.

We have also been discussing human impact in science! If you can, please send a dishcloth and a set of utensils your student can leave at school each week so we don’t have to continuously use and throw away plastic wear and waste so many paper towels. They are welcome to wash off their utensils after lunch.

Thank you to all of you who signed up for donations to our class! We will use them wisely and are SO excited for the seatsacks to arrive!

Before planning birthday celebrations, please know we have a healthy initiative at ICI that I uphold. We also have some students in our room with severe allergies. As always, we are NUT FREE. Fruit trays are good choices and we can be creative if you desire to do another type of celebration. I definitely want to celebrate but we have to be thoughtful and careful. Next week we will be learning “Happy Birthday to You” in ASL. Please ask your champion to share it with you!

Your champions would AMAZE you with their independence at school!! Please let them show you how capable they are at home too! Keeping up with their HLO folder is their only physical piece they have to keep up with. Help them be proactive by having a place they can put their folder for you to remember to check it and a system to get it back in their bookbags for the morning. You can help them begin with the end in mind too by having this place to put documents that need your signature so they can get them and put them back in their folders. It’s a process but they are already doing an awesome job here!  WE WON CLEANEST CLASSROOM ON THE HALLWAY THIS WEEK!!! Thanks to each champion who cleaned up after themselves and our cleaning crew who really went the extra mile to maintain our learning environment!! So exciting!! Because of this we get to wear spirit wear on Wednesday as a reward and on Thursday for the BOG-Back to back!! WOW!

If you’d like to increase independence at home for your third grader and are looking for a system, here are some cool ideas.

If you’d like the 7 habits posters to have in your home for reference, you can print them here.

For investment schedule information please see the investment page in the left column for what each “day” means and how the rotation works.

Monday: Music (Day 4)

Tuesday: Art (Day 1)

Thursday: Spanish (Day 2)


Thanks for your time, I am looking forward to another great week!