Week 2 Investments, BOG, and Newsletter

Hola Familias!

Please reference my website for information regularly. I will email the NEWSLETTER link weekly but otherwise, please check here for information you need to know. I try to make it informative so it saves us all email time. Thanks for your help!

This week was a great first week back! We had fun and learned and that’s a good week! So excited so many champions love math! It will be fun to kick it up a notch!

Ask your champion to show/teach you some of their signs they have learned along with the signs of our mission statement.

BOG information in my first website post of the year, please reference it. They will have testing sessions lasting 30 minutes with a 3 minute break between sessions. There will be 3 sessions but additional time is allowed if needed. They need a good night’s rest!

We’ve been working hard on learning procedures. I still need 6 students to bring back signed behavior expectation agreements. Returning documents promptly is very helpful so our routines can run smoothly and helps your champion feel like they have taken care of their responsibilities. The technology security agreement will come on Monday. It must be signed and returned by 8/18/17 in order for your champion to be able to use technology at school.

We have also been discussing human impact in science! If you can, please send a dishcloth and a set of utensils your student can leave at school each week so we don’t have to continuously use and throw away plastic wear and waste so many paper towels. They are welcome to wash off their utensils after lunch.

Thank you to all of you who signed up for donations to our class! We will use them wisely and are SO excited for the seatsacks to arrive!

Before planning birthday celebrations, please know we have a healthy initiative at ICI that I uphold. We also have some students in our room with severe allergies. As always, we are NUT FREE. Fruit trays are good choices and we can be creative if you desire to do another type of celebration. I definitely want to celebrate but we have to be thoughtful and careful. Next week we will be learning “Happy Birthday to You” in ASL. Please ask your champion to share it with you!

Your champions would AMAZE you with their independence at school!! Please let them show you how capable they are at home too! Keeping up with their HLO folder is their only physical piece they have to keep up with. Help them be proactive by having a place they can put their folder for you to remember to check it and a system to get it back in their bookbags for the morning. You can help them begin with the end in mind too by having this place to put documents that need your signature so they can get them and put them back in their folders. It’s a process but they are already doing an awesome job here!  WE WON CLEANEST CLASSROOM ON THE HALLWAY THIS WEEK!!! Thanks to each champion who cleaned up after themselves and our cleaning crew who really went the extra mile to maintain our learning environment!! So exciting!! Because of this we get to wear spirit wear on Wednesday as a reward and on Thursday for the BOG-Back to back!! WOW!

If you’d like to increase independence at home for your third grader and are looking for a system, here are some cool ideas.

If you’d like the 7 habits posters to have in your home for reference, you can print them here.

For investment schedule information please see the investment page in the left column for what each “day” means and how the rotation works.

Monday: Music (Day 4)

Tuesday: Art (Day 1)

Thursday: Spanish (Day 2)


Thanks for your time, I am looking forward to another great week!