Week 4!

Hola Familas!

I can’t believe we are already beginning WEEK 4! It’s been a great start!

Please remember to pay attention to the rotation of the investment day. We are beginning tomorrow with Day 2. Champions MUST WEAR TENNIS SHOES FOR P.E which is DAY 3 for us. This week that will fall on Tuesday. We DO NOT have investments on Wednesdays. The schedule is linked to your left.

Please read the NEWSLETTER for details on our week ahead in third grade. You can help us by using adjectives frequently and asking your champion to explain which noun in the sentence you give is being described with which adjective. You can also help by working on telling time to the nearest minute on an analog clock. We share our standards with you all so you can be practicing at home with your champion. Champions should be working on homework. It is meant to be a helpful practice. Doing our best work is what we are learning about and striving for. It also helps us apply our growth mindset. Please encourage them. I know it’s hard work, but it pays off.

If you have still not returned the Computer Use Agreement form, please send it in signed by you and your champion tomorrow 8/28/17. Your champion will not be allowed to use the computers until we receive it. I-Ready testing takes place on the computer so it will be needed prior to us taking our assessments for the beginning of the year also.

Thank you to all of you who signed up to give us and sent in your donation on our shell list from open house. We are using them!

**We currently need gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free (all three criteria if possible make them friendly for any champion who might forget a snack) snacks. Enjoy Life brands are great choices because they are naturally free of some of these things. The sunbutter bars by them are great choices too. (Please do not send us items that require spoons, etc.) Please make sure you are sending a snack for your champion. We do not have snack on late-start Wednesdays in our class. We have lunch 2 hours after arrival. I have chatted with champions about communicating to you whether the amount of food they bring to school is enough, too much, or too little so they have enough food to eat of course but also make an effort to waste less. We spend the first five minutes focusing on our food on a level 0 but I notice champions throw away a lot of uneaten food. I do not remind each champion to eat their food during lunch.

I have gotten all the information for our field trips finalized and we will be sending home this information with the yearly financial total needed soon. Please know we ask for you to pay in advance so we are able to pay the deposits the venues ask of us to secure our fun trips we have planned. If you are unable to pay for the trips in one payment, you can make 3 payments. If you need assistance, please contact melissastrong@icimagine.org so you can complete the necessary paperwork and get them covered BEFORE the trips begin. Once you have permission slips, please send them back (signed) as soon as possible. If there is a trip you do not want your champion to attend, please decide that when you receive the slips because we need to plan accordingly. Unfortunately many costs do not change when champions do not attend (buses for example) so we have to make up for that cost and need notice to be able to make the trip happen for other champions. Thank you for paying close attention to these needs.

Progress reports come home this Friday. Remember we have only been in school a few weeks and prepared for the BOG the first two so there will not be more than a few grades in each subject that we have worked in but they are relevant, accurate grades.

I will be sending out a signup genius link for parent conferences. Please know these times fill quickly and are available on a first come basis. I make myself available before and after school several days a week for this entire month so please try your best to attend one of the slots I have made available to help me protect my out of school hours. If there is an extreme need, I will be willing to schedule a time that works for both of us but please try your best to work it out to attend at a time listed and come to the time you choose. If a phone call is easier for you due to scheduling, I am happy to work out a time to call you instead. More information coming soon.

Enjoy this day! Zoe girl is in total relaxation mode after playing outside!

See you tomorrow!


Secret code: (no one reported the answer last week-let’s step it up!) : What geometric figure is like a lost parrot? 🙂 Think about it……