Happy Long Weekend!


Please review next week’s NEWSLETTER. Progress reports went home today and I have noted at the bottom that in the future they will not have the bottom portion-there will be an attachment of grade book entries similar to what you may be used to viewing on Parent Portal. I know this system is new for you but we stick to the definitions of these scores and that consistency will make sense with time. The students are learning these codes too so feel free to discuss them so they have a better understanding. We do not review progress reports or report cards with champions before you see them. Apologies for no ratings today but we had a guest speaker and book buddies and we cleaned out our folders so we could take home some work samples with the progress reports. It was a good day! You should also know I will be out next Friday and substitutes will not give ratings.

I will be contacting families over the next week to share BOG information with you. On Friday, if you need to attend, I will send home an invitation to RTA night with scores. RTA night will be the night we share all the information you need to know and also answer your questions about the portfolio process. I will not be talking about all of these details on the phone conferences. Please read this information so our phone conference can be focused on information. Please know the BOG results are simply a snapshot of ability and readiness at this point of the year. A score of 1 does not mean your champion will not be successful this year and a score of 5 does not mean your champion has nothing to learn so please be mindful of this. This test was ONLY a reading comprehension test. The focus standards of third grade as a whole were not assessed in their entirety. Answering questions is a lower level thinking task, applying the information relevant to the standards we teach is an entirely different skill. You will see this through our grade level assessments and also work we complete. This test is an end of third grade reading level assessment so keep in mind if your champion reads below a level P at this time, it is likely they were not able to access the content to be able to answer questions correctly. The Beginning of Year (BOY) assessment for I-Ready will be over the next two weeks and this assessment is an approved alternative assessment by the state. This means if your champion achieves the set scale score they will not have to participate in the portfolio process if we think that score is a better reflection of ability. The MOY, EOY, and EOG are all opportunities to discontinue the portfolio process if students show mastery. Typically, students are finished with portfolio by the EOG but it is normal to have a few still working on passages when the EOG time comes. Please do not panic, just encourage your champion to always try their best and make sure they are eating breakfast and sleeping well during testing times especially. Third grade is the year of challenge. We have a lot of fun and learn new content but there are also challenges that take some getting used to. This is why promoting the growth mindset will be very helpful to them. I know it is challenging to help them think this way when they are struggling but the belief in themselves is key. Academics can be remediated but confidence is the hardest skill to build. If you build them up at home and we build them up here, we will see success eventually.

Sign up genius for conferences and show and tell coming soon.

Please send headphones for the computer for testing and each champion has a pair of ear plugs but if noise canceling headphones would be helpful during independent work times, please send them in with your champion.

I know everyone is busy and has cool things going on in their lives so if your champion has an upcoming event or exciting announcement, please share with me so I can share it too!

*This weekend one of our champions is off the Charlotte for a baseball tournament! We wish you luck friend!

Thanks for the great week, enjoy the long weekend!