Week 5!


Here is this week’s NEWSLETTER. Please pay close attention to the details of testing starting promptly at 8:05 and open house night. If you need to attend the RTA session at 6PM, you received an invitation and will report to Mrs. Austell’s room in middle school. If you did not, please come to the classroom at the normal open house time for 3rd grade which is 6:30.  Please make sure champions are resting, eating breakfast, and arriving on time this week.

We will have WordlyWise assessments this Friday. Your champion should have brought the word list home two weeks ago and we will continue working in class. They will need to continue to study meaning, context, and spelling at home in preparation for the assessment.

Please check the investments page on the list to the left so you know when we have PE and how your champion should be dressed. (Thursday this week if our schedule remains)

Please also think about sending a dress code sweater or cardigan to school to stay because as the temperatures at the beginning of the day are cooler and the air is on because it gets warmer, several champions are chilly.

Enjoy the weekend, see you Monday!


Secret code: What’s the king of the pencil case? Think about it….:)