WOW. The only word I can think to describe how awesome the projects have been. I already can’t wait to do the next project because these projects are absolutely amazing! I have created a page to the left of all the photos and am in the process of uploading them all. They worked hard (I know you did too) and the food, spoken languages, writing, research-which they are almost brand new to, creations, and knowledge was over the top impressive! I was so excited to see them have a clearer understanding of other cultures and get beyond the shock of the food choices in other countries along with broadening their understanding the similarities and differences of our culture and many others. I hope they really took information away and continue to come home and share with you new information they have learned. Thanks for helping them go the extra mile, it was SO worth it and they all did a fabulous job!

Also, we are out of snacks..again. Thank you to those who have given us several donations. If you are in a position to donate, please send us bars that are nut free. If they are gluten free and dairy free, even better but I have only been advised these are preferences, not medically necessary. Thanks for helping us out so we have snacks if someone forgets. Please remember your champion needs a snack each day except Wednesdays.


Thanks for your time, it’s almost fall break!