Whoo Hoo!

This is just a HUGE……

to all of you who are really working hard on I-Ready lesson homework! Thanks to you and your parents for helping you put first things first!

Next Week and Newsletter

Hola Familias,

If you did not receive a progress report yesterday afternoon, it is because our champion left their folder on their desk.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I did not rate each student prior to dismissal.

Please review the homework expectations and make sure they are completing them. They are listed on the rating sheet and there is a page on the left margin to reference. Several champions are not completing homework at the third grade level as assigned. This is reflected in their scores.

Our very informative NEWSLETTER is ready for your viewing!

Teach and Learn is available for sign up for February.

Valentine’s-Your champion may bring valentine’s to exchange if they would like. If they do, they may attach candy if desired because all treats will be sent home to consume-not at school. If students bring valentine’s they should bring one for every student in our class. We have 21 students in our class. They may also bring additional ones for friends in other classes but they must then bring them for the whole class. We try to make it fun and fair and this is the way we have had successful celebrations in the past.

Our trip to Brookdale is coming up! Please take some time to chat with your champions about the population in an assisted living senior center. Many have not had experience with the elderly and if they don’t have an idea of what it is like, they could feel uncomfortable. I will be talking to them about it a lot and reminding them of how we will be respectful of their homes because though it is a place, it their home and we will be reading to them and giving them a valentine’s themed bookmark we will make for them. The population is very sociable, happy to see us, and sad when we go. It is common for residents to want to show the champions pictures of their families or memories. Some of the residents are experiencing some memory loss, hearing impairments, and physical limitations at this point in their lives and though most have family that visit them often, some do not so our visit is extra special and we should be prepared to bring our best selves for them. Last year our trip was GREAT and everyone had fun. I am hopeful this year will be the same.

Next Week:

Monday-Words test and Wednesday- New words will go home.

We will begin our 2nd collaboration with Ms. Lombardo’s class. This time groups will be working on research projects related to their chosen notable African American of present or past. When we finish, I will post photos and they will be displayed around the school.

We will continue our multiplication fluency quick checks. Each assessment is 3 minutes to answer each factor x 12. We have completed 0,1, 2, 5. Some champions did not master these facts so they will have chances to retest but please practice these facts with them like the example on the newsletter. 3 x 12 is 3 groups of 12 objects. Ex. Three bags of 12 apples.

We have had quite a bit of illness so please cautious if you have ill-seeming champions. If they have vomited within 24 hours or the morning of school, have a fever, or don’t seem able to function at school please do not send them. We are working on remembering to wash hands often, sneeze/cough in our shirts or in the elbow sleeve, using tissues when needed and using sanitizer after. We are cleaning our desks often too.

Please make sure all champions are bringing coats DAILY along with utensils/cloth, lunch, and snack. We have gone through our classroom snack reserves and a lot of our plastic utensils. I prefer not to waste when possible so please send your student a utensil they can take home to be washed and a cloth or napkin from home so we don’t use so many consumables outside of emergencies. It happens and we have some left but it is happening very often since we have returned from break. Thanks for your help with this.

If you are able, we have items on the Amazon Wishlist we need. We also need gluten/dairy/nut free snack options, apple sauce pouches, kleenex, and paper towels. Please do not send in cleaning agents without the Safety Data Sheet (usually available on the manufacturer’s website). We are allowed to have Purell Surface Spray disinfectant and I have the sheet for that already if you would like to send that product in.

Thanks for your time, enjoy the weekend! I am looking forward to another great week!

Secret Question: Sandy and Jamie are planning for a party for 12 guests. If each person will get half of a sandwich, how many sandwiches will they need to make? If each guest will get 8 grapes, how many will they serve?

Show your work and equations! 🙂

Teach and Learn Returns!

Teach and Learn!

Go HERE to sign up for a slot on early release in February, March, April or May.

Since we no longer have early release this Friday, I deleted that date. I also did not add one for June because we typically have field day on the last day of school and EOG scheduling sometimes requires us to be off campus.

If your champion is interested in bringing in something to show us and teach us about, please sign them up for one of the available slots!

**Times may change depending on whether we have investments on early release days in the future but if they are signed up, they will still present that day.

Wordly Wise test 1/29. New words 1/31.

7 Habits Awards

The Leader In Me- 7 Habits

We will award two students per class per month beginning 2/2/18 (10 through the rest of the year per class / 40 per grade). The awards will be based on the habit the champions demonstrate. For example, if a student models “Think Win-Win” and the class votes they are the leader of that habit, they will receive that award and I will invite their parents to our afternoon meeting at 2:00 PM. This keeps the awards more genuine than assigning a habit.

Upcoming collaboration

Beginning Monday we will collaborate with Ms.Lombardo’s class for another project! Each group will choose a person and research their lives including their struggles and accomplishments as we continue our Notable People Unit in ELA and begin history in Social Studies. Our last collaboration resulted in great perimeter, area, and multiplication work!

Updates for the week ahead!


I emailed stating I would send progress reports on Tuesday due to my scheduled absence but since we were out of school, the whole school will send home progress reports Friday 1/26. This will also allow the champions to have more assignments completed and grades for you to see in PowerSchool.

Portfolio progress reports will come home tomorrow. This does not pertain to all, so if you are to receive one, you will see it in the HLO folder. If you have never received one, you won’t.

Friday, 1/26/18 is a FULL DAY not early release due to the missed days.

Please get your champions pumped up about returning to school. I know it is hard for them to adjust after a long break and all of the weather days but please encourage them to apply their growth mindset and we will slowly work our way back into our full schedule of responsibilities.

Please also remember homework is not optional. It is in our student handbook that all champions will receive homework. When checking today, I counted and most champions have not completed one article on NEWSELA per week. Thank you to those who have. I am leaving these up until they have been completed. Your champion needs to complete the assigned articles by choosing one per week. I have added a new one for this week for those who have followed expectation.

Also, champions should be working on math lessons in I-Ready for 45 minutes per week and XtraMath for 6 minutes per night, 4 days per week. This information is listed on the HLO sheet each week in the top left corner. Please remind your champions of their homework and double-check to see they are completing it. You all get the same reports I do to be able to keep an eye on it so we can teach them accountability and responsibility. If it was not valuable, meaningful work, I would not assign it so please make this a priority at home. I will not email you to let you know your champion has not been completing their homework for number of reasons but I will check in with your champion if completing homework becomes/continues to be a concern.

Total homework time, including the maximum amount of time a student has been in the articles in NEWSELA (15) +XtraMath required time (24) + I-Ready required time (45)=84 minutes per week. When given 6 days to complete homework assignments, this is an expectation of 14 minutes per day or 14 per day for 4 days and double on two days to skip weekends. This is an expectation Mr. Williams sent a letter home about back in October and the amount of time is age appropriate and each champion is able to complete these assignments.

The NEWSLETTER has been updated in some areas but due to being out of school, we will extend the plans for last week’s instructional topics.

Thanks for your time, let’s have a great week!

It’s the Weekend!


Check out ALL the details on our NEWSLETTER.

Student Treasures order forms must be mailed off on Tuesday! If you haven’t returned them, please do. Remember you do not have to buy one but we do want a free class copy so we can all see it!

Our class will take I-Ready the week of 2/5/18. Please make sure you have sent in headphones for your champion. I still have several that do not have them. They can bring earbuds too if they want. They just need some form of ear-phone/bud to have for testing and the activities they work on in class.

Please pay for field trips! We have lots of fun trips remaining this year. If you need scholarship, please contact melissastrong@icimagine.org.

No rating today or next Friday.

Review homework expectations on previous posting or homework expectation page to the left.

Champions need to bring a snack and lunch daily and need to be dressed warmly daily. P.E is early in the morning so it is cold! Sometimes it’s cold at recess too but we can still go out if properly dressed. Review my post on this below. Very detailed and also created a page to the left for you.

Progress reports go home next Friday.

Have a nice (long) weekend! See you Tuesday for a great week!

Student Treasures and I-Ready

Please remember you DO NOT have to order a book. There is no obligation to purchase. I do need you to check the box and sign if you do not want to order though. 
If we get ALL forms back for me to send in, we will get a free class copy for us to all get to look through!
Each student’s(who submitted one) lost tooth story and illustration will be included and it’s a really great memory to have.
Again, no obligation to purchase but I need a signed form from every family no matter what. If you DO order a book, please complete the envelope as well to save me some time please.  Please send in by Friday.
I-Ready Login information is written inside their HLO folders. I will also email a screenshot to each family for electronic reference. This practice will be very helpful for them as preparation for I-Ready Middle of Year Assessments beginning 2/5.


Homework expectations are on the HLO, newsletter, and also on the I-Ready Homework page to the left.


Xtra Math- 6 minutes per week, 4 nights per week. (We both get reports, please check to make sure they are completing it).

I-ready Math Lessons- page of information to the left and students should complete 45 minutes per week on assigned lessons. The lessons will be available when they login.


NewsELA- At least one ASSIGNED article a week (all components-written response, vocabulary, and quiz. Each article is different.)

If students would like to complete more than 3 articles per week, they are worth a star. They may choose their own article for these extras.

Each 4 weeks, I will take them down and assign 4 more. Several parents were overwhelmed by the choices and not sure which ones their students had completed so I simplified it. If you click on your child’s name, it will show the articles available to them. Hopefully with 4, the champions will remember also.

Our collaboration math project with 2nd grade got off to a great start today! We will review some concepts with them and introduce them to some we are learning now! What great leaders!


Thank you for helping students put first things first and learn responsibility!


Week One Complete!

WOW! What an awesome week!

Pilgrims look great and the presentations have gone well! Due to schedule changes, we will still be wrapping up next week.

Champions have done so well transitioning back into the routine this week. I am very proud of them!

Please remember students MUST wear VERY WARM clothing to school. Indoor recess and PE will be most likely for awhile but in the event we have some warmth and sunshine, we will be running free outside! They have to be dressed appropriately to join us. Safety First. See the Weather Page for the details.

New vocabulary word groups began this week. Please check the site of the teacher your child goes to for WORD GROUP to see their word lists. If your champion is in my group, my vocabulary page is on the panel to the left and a quizlet is ready for you.

We had an ice cube challenge today to make a hypothesis which ice cube would melt the fastest in it’s container. We used a cup, bowl, and plate.



Cup: 108

Plate: 81:06

Beginning Monday we will be working on a 3-day collaborative project with a second grade class. We will be building a “city of arrays” and calculating area and perimeter, practicing array dimensions, multiplication and division fact families(low numbers as a preview), and repeated addition and multiplication equations. I’ll take pictures when we wrap up! Please encourage your champion to lead by example and make smart choices in the group work. Each group will have 2 second graders and 2 third graders in it if attendance allows. It’s going to be so fun!

Check the NEWSLETTER for a lot of helpful information and additional math homework expectations beginning Monday. All homework begins Monday and will be due 1/16 due to the holiday. I-Ready information on school letterhead went home to all families with the last report card (not the most recent progress report before break) explaining students would be working on I-Ready Math and ELA lessons for 45 minutes per subject each week. We will work on ELA in rotations in class with our assigned computers but will need each champion to work on math at home. Each lesson is a different amount of minutes so they may complete a lesson and begin another one or not finish an entire lesson depending on the length. When they logon the next time, the lesson will be waiting for them. They should be pretty independent with this since we have practiced at school. Thanks for helping your champion be responsible and put first things first.

Have a nice evening let’s get ready for another awesome week!