Student Treasures and I-Ready

Please remember you DO NOT have to order a book. There is no obligation to purchase. I do need you to check the box and sign if you do not want to order though. 
If we get ALL forms back for me to send in, we will get a free class copy for us to all get to look through!
Each student’s(who submitted one) lost tooth story and illustration will be included and it’s a really great memory to have.
Again, no obligation to purchase but I need a signed form from every family no matter what. If you DO order a book, please complete the envelope as well to save me some time please.  Please send in by Friday.
I-Ready Login information is written inside their HLO folders. I will also email a screenshot to each family for electronic reference. This practice will be very helpful for them as preparation for I-Ready Middle of Year Assessments beginning 2/5.