Updates for the week ahead!


I emailed stating I would send progress reports on Tuesday due to my scheduled absence but since we were out of school, the whole school will send home progress reports Friday 1/26. This will also allow the champions to have more assignments completed and grades for you to see in PowerSchool.

Portfolio progress reports will come home tomorrow. This does not pertain to all, so if you are to receive one, you will see it in the HLO folder. If you have never received one, you won’t.

Friday, 1/26/18 is a FULL DAY not early release due to the missed days.

Please get your champions pumped up about returning to school. I know it is hard for them to adjust after a long break and all of the weather days but please encourage them to apply their growth mindset and we will slowly work our way back into our full schedule of responsibilities.

Please also remember homework is not optional. It is in our student handbook that all champions will receive homework. When checking today, I counted and most champions have not completed one article on NEWSELA per week. Thank you to those who have. I am leaving these up until they have been completed. Your champion needs to complete the assigned articles by choosing one per week. I have added a new one for this week for those who have followed expectation.

Also, champions should be working on math lessons in I-Ready for 45 minutes per week and XtraMath for 6 minutes per night, 4 days per week. This information is listed on the HLO sheet each week in the top left corner. Please remind your champions of their homework and double-check to see they are completing it. You all get the same reports I do to be able to keep an eye on it so we can teach them accountability and responsibility. If it was not valuable, meaningful work, I would not assign it so please make this a priority at home. I will not email you to let you know your champion has not been completing their homework for number of reasons but I will check in with your champion if completing homework becomes/continues to be a concern.

Total homework time, including the maximum amount of time a student has been in the articles in NEWSELA (15) +XtraMath required time (24) + I-Ready required time (45)=84 minutes per week. When given 6 days to complete homework assignments, this is an expectation of 14 minutes per day or 14 per day for 4 days and double on two days to skip weekends. This is an expectation Mr. Williams sent a letter home about back in October and the amount of time is age appropriate and each champion is able to complete these assignments.

The NEWSLETTER has been updated in some areas but due to being out of school, we will extend the plans for last week’s instructional topics.

Thanks for your time, let’s have a great week!