Teach and Learn Returns!

Teach and Learn!

Go HERE to sign up for a slot on early release in February, March, April or May.

Since we no longer have early release this Friday, I deleted that date. I also did not add one for June because we typically have field day on the last day of school and EOG scheduling sometimes requires us to be off campus.

If your champion is interested in bringing in something to show us and teach us about, please sign them up for one of the available slots!

**Times may change depending on whether we have investments on early release days in the future but if they are signed up, they will still present that day.

Wordly Wise test 1/29. New words 1/31.

7 Habits Awards

The Leader In Me- 7 Habits

We will award two students per class per month beginning 2/2/18 (10 through the rest of the year per class / 40 per grade). The awards will be based on the habit the champions demonstrate. For example, if a student models “Think Win-Win” and the class votes they are the leader of that habit, they will receive that award and I will invite their parents to our afternoon meeting at 2:00 PM. This keeps the awards more genuine than assigning a habit.

Upcoming collaboration

Beginning Monday we will collaborate with Ms.Lombardo’s class for another project! Each group will choose a person and research their lives including their struggles and accomplishments as we continue our Notable People Unit in ELA and begin history in Social Studies. Our last collaboration resulted in great perimeter, area, and multiplication work!