Next Week and Newsletter

Hola Familias,

If you did not receive a progress report yesterday afternoon, it is because our champion left their folder on their desk.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I did not rate each student prior to dismissal.

Please review the homework expectations and make sure they are completing them. They are listed on the rating sheet and there is a page on the left margin to reference. Several champions are not completing homework at the third grade level as assigned. This is reflected in their scores.

Our very informative NEWSLETTER is ready for your viewing!

Teach and Learn is available for sign up for February.

Valentine’s-Your champion may bring valentine’s to exchange if they would like. If they do, they may attach candy if desired because all treats will be sent home to consume-not at school. If students bring valentine’s they should bring one for every student in our class. We have 21 students in our class. They may also bring additional ones for friends in other classes but they must then bring them for the whole class. We try to make it fun and fair and this is the way we have had successful celebrations in the past.

Our trip to Brookdale is coming up! Please take some time to chat with your champions about the population in an assisted living senior center. Many have not had experience with the elderly and if they don’t have an idea of what it is like, they could feel uncomfortable. I will be talking to them about it a lot and reminding them of how we will be respectful of their homes because though it is a place, it their home and we will be reading to them and giving them a valentine’s themed bookmark we will make for them. The population is very sociable, happy to see us, and sad when we go. It is common for residents to want to show the champions pictures of their families or memories. Some of the residents are experiencing some memory loss, hearing impairments, and physical limitations at this point in their lives and though most have family that visit them often, some do not so our visit is extra special and we should be prepared to bring our best selves for them. Last year our trip was GREAT and everyone had fun. I am hopeful this year will be the same.

Next Week:

Monday-Words test and Wednesday- New words will go home.

We will begin our 2nd collaboration with Ms. Lombardo’s class. This time groups will be working on research projects related to their chosen notable African American of present or past. When we finish, I will post photos and they will be displayed around the school.

We will continue our multiplication fluency quick checks. Each assessment is 3 minutes to answer each factor x 12. We have completed 0,1, 2, 5. Some champions did not master these facts so they will have chances to retest but please practice these facts with them like the example on the newsletter. 3 x 12 is 3 groups of 12 objects. Ex. Three bags of 12 apples.

We have had quite a bit of illness so please cautious if you have ill-seeming champions. If they have vomited within 24 hours or the morning of school, have a fever, or don’t seem able to function at school please do not send them. We are working on remembering to wash hands often, sneeze/cough in our shirts or in the elbow sleeve, using tissues when needed and using sanitizer after. We are cleaning our desks often too.

Please make sure all champions are bringing coats DAILY along with utensils/cloth, lunch, and snack. We have gone through our classroom snack reserves and a lot of our plastic utensils. I prefer not to waste when possible so please send your student a utensil they can take home to be washed and a cloth or napkin from home so we don’t use so many consumables outside of emergencies. It happens and we have some left but it is happening very often since we have returned from break. Thanks for your help with this.

If you are able, we have items on the Amazon Wishlist we need. We also need gluten/dairy/nut free snack options, apple sauce pouches, kleenex, and paper towels. Please do not send in cleaning agents without the Safety Data Sheet (usually available on the manufacturer’s website). We are allowed to have Purell Surface Spray disinfectant and I have the sheet for that already if you would like to send that product in.

Thanks for your time, enjoy the weekend! I am looking forward to another great week!

Secret Question: Sandy and Jamie are planning for a party for 12 guests. If each person will get half of a sandwich, how many sandwiches will they need to make? If each guest will get 8 grapes, how many will they serve?

Show your work and equations! 🙂