Next Week!

Hola Familias,

We have worked hard on our collaborative research for our notable African Americans of past and present and they are almost finished up! On Monday we will glue our research to the posters and get them displayed.

In March, we will collaborate again for Women’s History Month and also incorporate art so champions will draw a portrait of their chosen female with oil pastels taught by Mr. Jackson and we will complete research for them as well. We will incorporate Spanish by choosing a female suggested by Mrs. Beckett.

Our class is blazing the trail for collaborative work by working with Ms. Lombardo’s class! The more we work together the better we get! Our projects look great and they are very proud of them!

Next week we will take I-Ready at alternating times everyday except Wednesday. Please make sure your champion is rested, ready, and has some type of headphone to use. We have been asking this all year but still have several champions that do not have them. The test program talks to them and reads some of the test to them. It is important they can hear it.

Grading ends today. The grades that are entered will be on the final report card this quarter. You can log into PowerSchool to see the grades entered and check attendance reports also.

Thanks to those of you who are really working hard to hold your champions accountable for homework and teach them responsibility!

We have a field trip scheduled to Brookdale on 2/13. Please see the post before last for details of this trip so you can have a conversation with your champion.

Champions need coats, lunch, snack, and pants/leggings DAILY.

Check out OUR NEWSLETTER for A LOT of valuable information.

Sleep with your jammies inside out Sunday 🙂

Have a good weekend!