***We need you to send in headphones for champions please. I do not have enough for everyone***

In reviewing the homework, it seems some still don’t understand NewsELA so I am posting this in hopes of getting everyone back on track.

When you choose our class (the link you signed up for and go to weekly), you will see the assigned articles:

There was one for the week before last (top) and one for last week (bottom). You can see only 2/21 people did the top article as assigned and only 10/21 did the second article for last week.

I assign grade level articles for a reason. NewsELA will automatically fit your student with the level they feel is appropriate for them but you can always choose the grade level article.

Thankfully most are working around the grade level passage but some are looking in the 12th grade or above 5th and that is not an appropriate reading nor comprehension level for this class and it is clear by the quiz scores. This can lead to frustration and make them feel defeated before they even try the quiz. This is not how this HLO should make them feel.

These are the levels that were attempted to be accessed this week:

Please make sure your champion is completing their homework as it is intended. I have been posting only one article per week to help everyone understand it’s the article that needs to be completed. Champions are ALWAYS WELCOME to complete additional passages if they want and more than 3 earns a star for each additional passage.

Thanks for your attention to this as they complete their homework going forward. The homework is listed on the HLO weekly-all week long, here, on a page to the left, the weekly newsletter, and we remind champions frequently. Thanks to those are continuously helping me out by making sure the right homework is completed and on time.

THIS week’s homework:

They should be completing the one ASSIGNED article, written response, and quiz per week. Working on XtraMath for 6 minutes per night 4 nights per week, and working on I-Ready assigned lessons (will change once we complete I-Ready and new placements are determined) 45 minutes per week.

Thanks for your help,