The Weekend!


This week has been a great start to division and our invention brainstorming has been creative!

Please send headphones or earbuds for I-Ready DAILY. They should really have them here at school always. They need to be able to listen to the instruction on I-Ready. 


We are also in need of a few dairy free, nut free, and gluten free (all) treats. If you are able, please send us something easy to consume without utensils and free of all of the above so all champions can have it if needed.

We are also now in GREAT need for clip boards. Several students didn’t have one and the ones I have purchased have been bent or cracked through use so we are running out of them. We have only 2 left. If you would like to supply one for your champion or help out the class by purchasing a class set, there is a link on our Amazon Wishlist page to the left or they are pretty inexpensive at stores around town. Ideally we would have a full class set (24 allows 2 extra if they break) by next Friday 2/16 but we will take them when you can send them. They are helpful for when we work around the room or do group group or in CLIMB. Thanks in advance if you are able to help.

Our collaborative research on Notable African Americans of the Past and Present turned out great!

As you know, we use a lot of sign language in our class so I will add a video for a word or phrase for practice each week. How old are you?

Our trip to Brookdale is coming up! Please take some time to chat with your champions about the population in an assisted living senior center. Many have not had experience with the elderly and if they don’t have an idea of what it is like, they could feel uncomfortable. I will be talking to them about it a lot and reminding them of how we will be respectful of their homes because though it is a place, it their home and we will be reading to them and giving them a valentine’s themed bookmark we will make for them. The population is very sociable, happy to see us, and sad when we go. It is common for residents to want to show the champions pictures of their families or memories. Some of the residents are experiencing some memory loss, hearing impairments, and physical limitations at this point in their lives and though most have family that visit them often, some do not so our visit is extra special and we should be prepared to bring our best selves for them. Last year our trip was GREAT and everyone had fun. I am hopeful this year will be the same.

Thank you to those are who making sure champions are completing all the assigned homework each week and for keeping ill champions home. Illness is severe right now and in order to maintain the health of us all, we need to make sure our health care policy I shared is followed.

Thanks for your time, have a nice weekend!

Secret code: Show me the ASL and state the question with facial expression for “How old are you?” 🙂