Valentine’s Day, division, inventions, and cursive!

Hola Familias,

We had a great week of Valentine’s Day, division, inventions, and cursive!

HUGE thank you to parents for donating us a WHOLE CLASS SET of clipboards, multiple boxes of Kleenex, and some cuties for snacks. We do still need snacks that are nut,dairy, gluten free that will last for us to consume it.  Thanks again!  I have updated the wishlist.

Here is our NEWSLETTER for the upcoming week.

ASL video for “Olympics”.  Show me!!

Thanks to those of you who have had ill champions and kept them home. We are trying to get well and we are increasing in attendance by the day in our grade. We are making great efforts to keep the germs to a minimum but staying home when feeling ill is best.

Please return signed SOCON permission slips and signed report card envelopes. The SOCON trip is an additional fee. We don’t know at the beginning of the year when we make the field trip arrangements whether we will attend or not so we don’t include it. Your champion will be able to go to the concession stand and purchase souvenirs at an additional cost. They usually have free posters for the teams involved too and allow students to have ONE. Free keepsake 🙂

Remember to sign up for Teach and Learn this Friday!

Happy weekend,